22 gennaio 2011

Seventh Records annuncia la pubblicazione a giorni di un cd del trio Alien - Michel Graillier (piano), Alby Cullaz (basso) e Christian Vander (batteria) - contenente registrazioni effettuate dal vivo nel 1983 ad Antibes, in un concerto dedicato a McCoy Tyner, e in studio qualche anno dopo, nel 1988. Il documento, prezioso e inedito, esce anche in segno di omaggio ai due compagni di Vander, scomparsi tra il 1998 e il 2003.

"A rare witness to the memory of an exceptional trio, this album combines a live performance recorded from the core of the crowd in Antibes, in 1983 with long extracts from fully unreleased studio sessions. In February 1988 the trio entered the studio to work on an album, but the project never got off the ground. Following the death of Alby Cullaz in 1998, and Michel Graillier in 2003, we thought these recordings would never see the light of day. Time, however, has passed by and the moment has come to share both the moving intimacy of the studio sessions and the incredible energy of this unique concert; not only this, to honour the memory of these great musicians, such dear friends of ours who passed away before their time".