07 gennaio 2011

Un saluto a Captain Beefheart lo manda anche il team di cantori e letterati di Radio Free Song Club, interpretando con brio la sua Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles (prendendola da Clear Spot, del 1972, o forse dalla colonna sonora di The Big Lebowski, del 1998). Scrive Nicholas Hill: "When Don Van Vliet passed a few days prior to the recording of our twelfth show we had to attack a couple of his songs. Peter Blegvad was in town so he and I simultaneously recited “The Dust Blows Forward And The Dust Blows Back” into the telephone from down the street whilst the All-Stars found something to hang their hats on and improvised a soundtrack. Peter and I never heard what they played. Nice. Later in the show, the chairs were arranged, and this song unfurled, most beautifully. I got to sing Beefheart's “Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles” with this month’s All-Stars. What a blast!"