28 febbraio 2011

Al festival Unlimited di Wels, nel corso dell'edizione del 2009 da lei stessa curata, Ikue Mori lo aveva presentato dal vivo con l'ausilio di Mark Nauseef, Makigami Koichi e per l'occasione Kazuhisa Uchihashi; in una versione registrata in studio qualche mese dopo, il suo lavoro di rilettura elettronica di alcune storie Kibyoshi - ce n'è un'intera collezione online, presso Tokyo University - diventa ora un dvd per l'etichetta Tzadik.

Kibyoshi (“yellow covers”) were popular picture-books produced in the middle of the Edo Period (1600-1860). They combined woodblock printed scenes with satirical text and dialogue. The text moves through the image like sound through space. With a distinctive look and layout, the illustration filled most of each page with the remaining space being used for the description of scenes and dialog between characters. These stories would create the most preposterous views of art, culture, religion and all aspects of people's daily lives. The woodblock printed illustrations and text of Kibyoshi pointed its satire at the faults and warts of contemporary society with a sharp focus on gossip, literature, political affairs and current events. Truth and fact were reversed, inverted and twisted severely creating its own reality in which decadent, promiscuous and indulgent behaviors were frequent targets for parody, ridicule and folly.