10 febbraio 2011

Foto, immagini, opere grafiche e pittoriche, documenti inediti, carteggi, scritti appunti e scarabocchi di Syd Barrett sono in una raccolta curata da Russell Beecher e Will Shutes, largamente anticipata e ormai pronta per le stampe in due lussuose versioni. L'uscita di Barrett precede di qualche settimana l'apertura a Londra dell'esposizione Syd Barrett: Art and Letters, presso l'Idea Generation Gallery dal 18 marzo al 10 aprile prossimi.

Barrett is a premium quality, large format book, produced using the finest materials. It is full of unseen and rare images of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd. It collects and catalogues for the first time artworks and photographs by Syd himself. The book has been made in conjunction with the Barrett family and access to the family art and photograph archive, and their recollections have combined to show a new picture of Syd the creative, revealing a man who was a dedicated, practising artist throughout his life.
The book splits into three sections: 1) Syd’s life in photographs – from growing up through to working and performing with Pink Floyd and his life as a solo artist. 2) Unseen and unpublished illustrated letters sent to Libby Gausden-Chisman and Jenny Spires between 1962-1965, as Syd was finding himself as a painter and a musician. 3) All of Syd’s existing work as a visual artist from 1962 until his death.