25 febbraio 2011

Un breve video da poco disponibile sul rinnovato sito web di Charles Hayward anticipa l'uscita tra qualche settimana di un nuovo album per il quartetto About Group, messo in piedi dal batterista assieme a John Coxon, Pat Thomas e Alexis Taylor un paio d'anni fa. L'album si chiamerà Start and Complete, uscirà per Domino Records, e il singolo che fa da apripista è una versione del brano di Harvey Averne You’re No Good tesa a dar risposta alla rilettura che ne diede nel 1967 Terry Riley.

You’re No Good is a re-versioning of Terry Riley’s landmark 1967 track, on which the minimalist composer took Harvey Averne’s latin-tinged soul track, You’re No Good, and turned it into a free flowing piece of tape loop improvisation. Running two copies of the track alongside one another, Riley weaved between the tapes, dropping out and slowing down the song to create what may well have been the world’s first ever remix. Playing a live version of You’re No Good in the studio, About Group take the same approach as Riley but in real-time. Cutting accross the basic structure of the track to firstly deconstruct it down to its raw parts before building up to create a loose kind of pop improv. The result is an eleven minute space jam that combines Riley’s experimentation, with the street-level funkiness of the original Harvey Averne recording.”