27 febbraio 2011

Una rara intervista a Maggie Thomas, con riferimenti al suo lavoro con Henry Cow, Art Bears, News from Babel ma soprattutto al suo ruolo nella realizzazione del 'famigerato' concerto dei Gong nel monastero di Montserrat il 30 giugno 1973, si legge in inglese, catalano e castigliano in La web sense nom. Il dvd con una ventina di minuti tratti da quel concerto - Montserrat 1973 and Other Stories, del 2006 - lo si trova per poche sterline anche attraverso PlanetGong.
Ricorda Daevid Allen: "Maggie Thomas it was, with her radical politics & musical soul, who connected us with Brother Francis of the legendary monastery of Montserrat. A rock band had never played in a Spanish church before, but this was the church that had hidden fleeing Basque 'terrorists' & other political refugees from Franco's Guardia Civile. It was also remarkable for its Black Virgin, a pre-christian 'Madonna' with ancient pagan roots. Maggie had explained Gong's esoteric spirituality to the monks, so when Brother Francis requested that we play a Gong gig at Montserrat it seemed to me a perfect combination".