03 marzo 2011

Il pensiero oggi va a Lindsay Cooper, nel giorno del suo sessantesimo compleanno: una terribile malattia l'ha crudelmente allontanata anni fa da ogni pratica attiva, ma la sua musica e il suo esempio di donna e musicista ancora affascinano, e ancora insegnano. Scrivevano i compagni di Henry Cow in apertura dei dossier del 40th Anniversary Box: "Lindsay became aware that she had multiple sclerosis in the late days of Henry Cow, although she told none of us until it was impossible any longer to conceal the fact. MS is degenerative, and usually develops slowly, so she had almost 20 busy years before, in the late '90s, the increasing severity of her condition obliged her to stop performing and to explain publicly why. Over the next few years her mobility and wakefulness deteriorated quite rapidly, and by the time this collection was being assembled communication had become practically impossible. Her absence is a constant presence in the pages that follow and in these recollections".
Il contatto indicato in quel documento - sarah.maude@virgin.net - è tuttora valido per indirizzare eventuali donazioni e aiuti economici a sostegno di cure ed assistenza. Ciao Lilly, auguri!