19 marzo 2011

Per Sid Smith, esperto di King Crimson e fripperie varie, la versione di Starless che danno The Unthanks nel nuovo album, Last, è tra le migliori mai sentite di brani crimsoniani. Adrian McNally, 'mente' musicale del gruppo, annota in copertina: “A song from the 1974 album Red by King Crimson, about depression we think. The guitar melody we have given to the trumpet is one of the most beautifully sad, plus I wanted to do the vocal melody justice, which I don’t think was done on the original. Like Robert Wyatt, King Crimson are one of the few prog acts from that time that outside the prog world still have some cred, cited for example by Kurt Cobain as an influence. For me, they got it wrong as often as they got it right but if you’re going to push boundaries and yourself as an artist, you’re going to get it wrong some of the time, which is precisely why I admired them so much! I love the bits I don’t like as much as those I do! My mission impossible with the end section was to take John Wetton’s mighty bass riff, which embodies everything in prog that is angular, male, spiky and difficult, and try to turn it into something serene and graceful.”