09 marzo 2011

Plastic Spoon è un nuovo progetto orientato con ironia alla canzone rock guidato dal bassista Kato Hideki assieme a Karen Mantler, Shahzad Ismaily e Chris Cochrane (quest'ultimo però recentemente sostituito da Doug Wieselman). Alcuni video su YouTube ritraggono il quartetto in un paio di concerti newyorkesi: "Plastic Spoon is a New York-based rock'n'roll band which perform songs about money. Their songs are often based on true stories and have a satirical sense of humor. Some of the topics include poverty, the decline of capitalism, global aging, the banking and food industries, prison-industrial complex, etc. More importantly, their music is catchy, playfull and uplifting. The members of the band have individually worked with a who's who of music and art in the US, Europe and Japan."