26 marzo 2011

Una puntata interamente dedicata all'etichetta Erstwhile, con un'intervista al fondatore Jon Abbey, è in programma per la londinese Resonance FM giovedì 31 marzo con inizio alle ore 21.00.

Adventures In Modern Music this week plugs into the past, present and possible futures of electroacoustic improvisation with the Erstwhile label. Jon Abbey's NYC label has explored the boundaries of group improvisation since the late 1990s, transposing the laminal dynamics of AMM into the era of laptops, real-time digital processing and no-input mixing desks. Its quietly mesmeric music has been honed in partnership with fellow travellers such as AMM guitar improvisor Keith Rowe and members of the Japanese onkyo school of improvisation, and Erstwhile has engineered a number of specially convened and one-off collaborations within this diverse cast of players, including a forthcoming triple CD documenting the first meeting of Rowe and Austrian reductionist trombonist Radu Malfatti. Erstwhile’s exacting and sometimes austere music has divided opinion within the improvisation community, but across nearly 70 releases it has documented some of the most consistently forward-thinking improvisation of the last decade. Derek Walmsley will be talking to Jon Abbey about the label, its music and philosophy, and playing a selection of Erstwhile recordings old and brand new.
Adventures in Modern Music is broadcast every Thursday 21:00-22:30 (BST), 104.4 FM for Londoners, streamed live at http://resonancefm.com for the rest of the world.