25 aprile 2011

Con Happydays Productions Brian Godding apre in proprio un piccolo bazaar musicale rispolverando antiche stampe, pezzi autentici o in copia conforme, sorprese e rarità: i volumi Blossom Toes e B.B. Blunder firmati Longhair e Sunbeam, un capitolo Mirage restaurato da Vocalion, un originale lasciato dall'amico Kevin Westlake, qualche documento Full Monte e Tryst, l'album Slaughter on Shaftesbury Avenue nella versione ritoccata per cd e alcune prove d'artigiano - Kebab à la Twang e The Colour of Sound - mai esposte al pubblico. Spiega il chitarrista: "Well, I've amassed rather a large collection of recorded music over the years that has never seen the light of day. There is probably good reason for this!... nevertheless, the recordings are available now, some are commercial reissues and some on a made-to-order basis (i.e. you want it, I'll make it for you!). The CDs encompass music dating back from the 70's till the present day and range from live gigs, rehearsals, studio recordings, solo experimental work and doodlings, choral guitar music, bootlegs of bootlegs and anything else I can find in the attic! Of course, all this would be a bloody waste of time if nobody was interested in hearing any of it so, let me know how many you want and when!"