24 aprile 2011

Dal concerto per il settantacinquesimo compleanno di Mike Westbrook il programma radiofonico della BBC Jazz on 3 trasmette domani sera in versione integrale The Serpent Hit, brano per voce, quartetto di sassofoni e percussioni presentato in prima assoluta al Kings Place londinese la sera dello scorso 2 aprile. Dei temi della violenza e della distruzione del pianeta, di cui tratta il testo, scrive nel programma di sala l'autrice Kate Westbrook: "The fable of the Serpent Hit is rather like a children's circle game. The tale starts with a small act of violence against innocent pleasure (on the merry-go-round), then proceeds to a wanton gesture against art (at the potter's wheel), the next one against nature (in the whirlpool). Pitch is concerned with the threat to abstract virtues. In Trigger a political impasse leads to the destruction of the planet (with the spinning of the earth). With the Coda, in Biblical imagery, we fall and wheel from Armageddon to the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. And, somewhere in our universe, the whole story begins over again."

La puntata offre anche un assaggio del primo set del concerto dei Westbrook, dedicato al ciclo Fine 'n Yellow, e una conversazione con John Fordham; in chiusura, un breve ricordo del violinista newyorkese Billy Bang recentemente scomparso. Lunedì 25 aprile, BBC3 Jazz On 3, ore 23.15 (in Italia le 0.15), anche sul web: http://tinyurl.com/64ed76w

Jez Nelson presents the 75th birthday concert of distinguished British bandleader and composer Mike Westbrook. Since the early 1960s, Westbrook has been prolific as a bandleader, jazz pianist and composer whose music is characteristically bold and presented in unusual formats. He has been commissioned by numerous international big bands and with his wife, the singer/librettist Kate Westbrook, has written a number of cabaret and music-theatre pieces, alongside music for classical ensembles and smaller jazz groups. This concert features the premiere of a new work, The Serpent Hit, for voice and saxophone quartet.