27 aprile 2011

Ogun pubblica un inedito tratto da un concerto fuori programma di alcuni Blue Notes con il sassofonista Frank Wright a Eindhoven, in Olanda, la sera del 22 giugno 1979: Spiritual Knowledge and Grace.

Ogun is extremely proud to present a previously unreleased recording documenting a one-off collaboration between members of The Blue Notes and tenor sax giant The Reverend Frank Wright. Recorded live in Eindhoven, Holland on what was meant to be the opening night of The Blue Notes’ Dutch tour in 1979, the collaboration was spawned by the unavoidable absence of pianist Chris McGregor and prompted by Louis Moholo-Moholo’s experience of playing alongside Frank in Peter Brotzmann’s Alarm. The tour of Holland proved prolific for The Blue Notes - another Dutch date is set for future release on Ogun - but this meeting of musical titans could not be left in the vaults. Great empathetic performances and an engrossing listen.

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