23 aprile 2011

Un triplo cd per la Erstwhile Records documenta l'incontro musicale, il primo, tra Keith Rowe e Radu Malfatti. L'album si intitola Φ, contiene versioni di brani di Jürg Frey e Cornelius Cardew, due composizioni originali e un'improvvisazione. Un dialogo tra i due musicisti e il produttore dell'etichetta, Jon Abbey, condotta nei giorni delle registrazioni - a Vienna, lo scorso novembre - è riportato in Erstwords mentre l'album è commentato e discusso in dettaglio nel forum di I Hate Music.

Keith Rowe and Radu Malfatti are two of the most influential experimental musicians in recent decades, each with extensive bodies of highly distinctive work and a combined 80+ years at the forefront of their respective areas of exploration. On Φ, their first meeting ever is documented via one disc of selected compositions (Frey and Cardew), one disc of their own compositions, and one disc of improv. Malfatti and Rowe met in Vienna in November 2010, their first musical meeting of any kind, for three days of recordings at Amann Studios. They began with Jürg Frey's Exact Dimension Without Insistence, selected by Malfatti, then proceeded onto Cornelius Cardew's Solo with Accompaniment, selected by Rowe. Next was Malfatti's nariyamu, then a version of Rowe's Pollock '82, and lastly an extended improv. Almost all of the recordings are included on Φ in the order in which they were made, three of the four compositions (excluding the Frey) only required one take. The playing order allowed the two musicians to gradually build a rapport of sorts, finding a remarkable amount of common ground despite their widely differing perspectives. The progression over the three days and the connections between the pieces are quite evident, leading to an improvisation meeting that is both confident and thoroughly uneasy.