19 maggio 2011

C'era anche l'allegra compagnia dei Capybaras ad animare il pomeriggio musicale Daylight Music sabato scorso alla Union Chapel di Islington, a Londra: un breve filmato è disponibile su YouTube.

Il loro primo album, It's Capybara time!, si trova tramite ReR Megacorp: "The musical genres pay tribute to the semi-aquatic Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris, world's largest living herbivorous rodent. As concept musicals go this is a doozy. Today's pop giants are obliged to feed the world, settle the arab-israeli question or save the geosphere in order to deflect attention from their own groaning investment portfolios - and no portofolio is more bloated than that of recovering gigastar Bing Selfish. Hence his weepy espousal of this rampant South American water rat. The band is kicking, the ironies biting and fans will no doubt be screaming. 'Capybara party in the jungle - Tonite!'".