11 maggio 2011

Comicoperando - The Music of Robert Wyatt torna in scena con una formazione in parte rinnovata rispetto all'episodio dell'anno scorso a Modena: Dagmar Krause, Annie Whitehead, Karen Mantler, Michel Delville, John Edwards e Chris Cutler. La serie di concerti - che nei prossimi giorni toccherà anche Firenze, Zurigo, Amsterdam e Victoriaville - inizia domani sera a Londra, alla Queen Elizabeth Hall, all'interno di un programma intitolato National Treasures: "We celebrate our national treasures – individuals who are instantly recognisable and who have, by their vision, their imagination, their powers of leadership, their humour or their compassion, transformed the life of the nation. Our national treasures include politicians, writers, chefs, musicians, artists, comedians and thinkers, all appearing in person at Southbank Centre during the Festival of Britain".

Comicoperando is a sextet paying tribute to one of the world's best-loved singers and songwriters in jazz and pop history. They revisit and reinvent Wyatt's repertoire from a wide range of perspectives while remaining rooted in the composer's restlessly inventive and iconoclastic spirit.