05 maggio 2011

Dopo ben undici anni di attività chiude uno dei luoghi più cari e frequentati dalla comunità zappiana sul web: Kill Ugly Radio. Nell'immediato non spariscono le preziose sezioni wiki e discografia, né vanno perduti gli innumerevoli contributi archiviati nel blog, ma nel suo messaggio di commiato il 'mitico' Barry's Imaginary Publisher suona piuttosto definitivo: "It has been an honor and a pleasure to host KUR during the past 11 years. I’ve learned so much from your comments and emails, laughed my ass off at some of them, and believe me when I say that without KUR, I would have never met some of the brightest people within the Zappa community. I’m proud to say some of them remain close friends to this day. I hope KUR has been a source of fun, discovery and inspiration over the years. Perhaps it gave you a chuckle, or perhaps you became acquainted with music you’d not heard before, perhaps you engaged in, or read some really erudite discussion on a variety of topics. It’s been a pleasure talking to you - and don’t forget to register to vote."