01 maggio 2011

Gli ostaggi risolvono in allegra jam session con gli aggressori il drammatico dirottamento del loro aereo di linea: accade a Mick Jagger e compari in Rolling Stones Hostage Incidents, nella ricostruzione di Eugene Chadbourne con l'Estonian Guitar Octet. Osserva Bruce Gallanter, di Downtown Music Gallery: "The piece is broken into nine sections so that each guitarist gets to solo (including Eugene). The subtext of the piece is fictional story of the Rolling Stones being taken hostage on an airline flight and then jamming with the terrorists. Anyone who grew up in the sixties and anyone who loves basic rock music in general should be familiar with most of these songs. Starting with "Jumping Jack Flash", one guitarist kicks off that opening riff and soon the other guitarists join in adding bits in different styles and with different effects. Originally I thought that this might get too chaotic but this is not the case as Dr. Chadbourne has found a way of directing the guitarists to not step on each other and layer their parts into a seamless stream. Considering that the Stones were and still are my favorite sixties band, I was intrigued by this idea and pretty much knocked out by how well it came off. Early Stones fans know just how diverse the band was in the sixties, borrowing from the blues and R 'n' B and then inventing their own style of rock which included elements of folk, baroque, psych, punk, etc. The guitarists here dip into the wealth of licks and effects come up with something consistently interesting and evolving into something else throughout. Throw in some noise elements and over-the-top jamming and we have another winner from the mighty Doc Chadbourne and his nifty guitar army".