08 maggio 2011

A propiziare salti e balli attorno all'albero di maggio giunge dalla berlinese Jazzwerkstatt un cd di inediti dei Ninesense di Elton Dean - Alan Skidmore, Harry Beckett, Mark Charig, Nick Evans, Radu Malfatti, Keith Tippett, Harry Miller e Louis Moholo con Dean - e del trio Beckett / Miller / Moholo, colti dal vivo in due distinte occasioni nella primavera del 1981 e del 1982. Un testimone di allora, Wolf Kampmann, spinto anch'egli alle danze, annota: "For exactly thirty years the concert by Elton Dean’s Ninesense continued to resonate in my memory. It was a magical moment of revelation, which came at precisely the time I was engaged in finding myself. Initially deeply alienated, I followed these nine musicians even though I was absolutely convinced they were maneuvering themselves in the direction of collective chaos. The names Elton Dean, Mark Charig, Keith Tippett, and Harry Miller were associated with bands like King Crimson and Soft Machine. I was curious and I didn’t want to let them get away that easily. Without realizing it was happening I found myself drawn into the slipstream of this psycho-acoustic chain reaction. The chaos sorted itself out, the horde became a team, and the individual became absorbed into the collective, with the whole, in turn, providing support for the parts. I couldn’t grasp at all how Elton Dean managed to merge these extremely individual expressions into a metalanguage at a higher level, without exerting force on any one of them or cramping their style. Each element was perfectly positioned, everything fell into place. Mountains, rivers, trees, houses, cows, stones, and blades of grass merged to form a dynamic landscape. The ugly became beautiful, the faltering began to flow, the arbitrary became organic. And in something that had seemed alien I quite unexpectedly discovered myself. By the end I found myself dancing enraptured where only forty minutes earlier I had been totally repelled. What a metamorphosis!".