25 maggio 2011

Un lavoro di Heiner Goebbels del 2007 va in scena per la prima volta in Italia questa sera al Teatro Comunale di Modena: Songs of Wars I Have Seen, basato sul testo di Gertrude Stein Guerre che ho visto. Spiega Goebbels: "What's most interesting to me, in this book, is that she keeps on speaking about her experiences of the Second World War, while she was in France, but she doesn't offer any focus, she doesn't give any hint of what we would consider important and not important. It's like neighbors talking about everything, and she combines very personal comments on food, on her dog, on the weather, with very political statements on the Americans and the Italians and the French and the prisoners in Germany. And the nice thing is that when you read this book--and probably when you hear this composition--you have to decide yourself, what is your own focus, between this relationship of your personal point-of-view and the political and social point-of-view."
Precede l'esecuzione della London Sinfonietta con l'Orchestra of The Age of Englightenment una presentazione dello stesso Goebbels, accompagnato da Franco Fabbri.