30 giugno 2011

Non risuoneranno stasera a Verona - né altrove in Europa, nei prossimi giorni - le note della Carla Bley Big Band. I motivi sono tutt'altro che futili: http://www.wattxtrawatt.com/bigbandtour.html

29 giugno 2011

Prosegue fino al 2 luglio la serie di otto concerti dei Magma in programma a Le Triton, Les Lilas a conclusione dell'edizione di quest'anno della rassegna Les Tritonales. Da questi concerti verrà tratto il dvd conclusivo della saga magmiana Mythes & légendes, privilegiando il materiale non documentato nei quattro precedenti volumi, tutti relativi a registrazioni del 2005, scelto tra Attahk (cioè Rétrovision), Riah Sahiltaahk, Dondaï, Félicité Thosz, Slag Tanz e Maahnt. La formazione attuale comprende Christian Vander, Stella Vander, Isabelle Feuillebois, Hervé Aknin, Bruno Ruder, Benoit Alziary, James Mac Gaw e Philippe Bussonnet.

Eight hours of music, four separate two-hour concerts. This was the challenge Christian Vander laid down to his musicians in January 2005. They picked up the gauntlet and ran with it. Full houses for three weeks representing the essential repertoire of the mythical Magma: Myths and Legends-35 years of music. The concerts were filmed and 4 dvds, Epok 1-2-3-4, were released between 2006 et 2007. But Magma’s audience is predominately young, born mostly well after the formation of their favourite band. They want to hear that stuff live at last. This year the Triton welcomes Magma back for a 'résidence' during which they assembled more than an hour’s worth of material composed between 1971 and 1979 which did not appear on the 4 Epok disks. The result can be heard over the series of 8 concerts at the Triton which will be fimed to complete the dvd collection Mythes & légendes.


28 giugno 2011

L'etichetta Bôłt pubblica documentazione sonora integrale di una recente esecuzione della celebre e discussa composizione di Cornelius Cardew The Great Learning per opera di una sessantina di musicisti esperti e dilettanti guidati da Nima Gousheh dal 18 al 24 luglio 2010 in varie sedi a Wigry e Sejny, in Polonia.
Si dice nelle note di copertina: "Four decades after its completion, this composition remains one of the most often recalled and imitated masterpiece of counterculture avantgarde. And the most ignored by the music market - official, popular and independent. Most probably because of its ideal and unabated inadequacy towards their consequences and standards. We have managed to recreate its original scenery and context. In an almost untouched outdoor of Polish north-east and historic, sacral spots of Suwalszczyzna, Cardew's insiders met amateurs from ten different countries to bring back to life this unique ritual. Here, in a form of 4 CD album, comes an audio documentation of this unprecedented event".
Una riflessione di Brian Olewnick si legge al suo blog Just Outside.


27 giugno 2011

"It was intended to establish the fact that it is possible for a person to work within quite diverse areas of music whilst still maintaining a positive identity as an improvising musician", dice Lol Coxhill di uno dei suoi album più celebri, Ear of Beholder, uscito nel 1971 e oggi nuovamente in circolazione in un'edizione rimasterizzata curata da Esoteric Recordings. Nei due cd anche alcuni brani aggiuntivi: Pretty Little Girl e Mood del Coxhill-Bedford duo, Oh Mein Papa e Sonny Boy a nome di Will Dandy & The Dandylettes.

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a newly remastered edition of the classic underground album Ear of Beholder by Lol Coxhill. Coxhill was a noted figure on the UK underground jazz and rock scene, his saxophone playing gracing recordings by Kevin Ayers (with Coxhill being a member of Ayers' group The Whole World) and later on acts such as Caravan. Recorded between July 1970 and January 1971, the double LP "Ear of Beholder" gave Lol Coxhill the chance to produce a unique solo work which saw him touch various musical areas, including the avant garde, jazz, rock and more. Coxhill was assisted in the recording sessions by contributions from colleagues such as Kevin Ayers, Mike Oldfield and David Bedford. From the open air recording of "Open Piccadilly" to the expansive "Rasa Moods" and the unique interpretation of The Beatles' "I Am the Walrus", "Ear Of Beholder" remains striking.


26 giugno 2011

La conversazione che Robert Wyatt ha tenuto in pubblico con Tony Herrington durante la sua partecipazione al festival Off The Page a Whitstable lo scorso febbraio è ora disponibile su Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/23789220

25 giugno 2011

Dalla collezione primavera / estate 2011 griffata Cordelia Records una rilettura di brani di David Bowie leggera, spiritosa e impertinente: Ziggy Played Surf Guitar. Il catalogo si sfoglia per intero in www.cordeliarecords.co.uk: attenzione agli accessori!

24 giugno 2011

Si basa sul Manuale di zoologia fantastica di Jorge Luis Borges il nuovo lavoro di Carla Kihlstedt, Necessary Monsters, progettato a quattro mani con lo scrittore e poeta Rafael Oses, tuttora in via di compimento e volto a popolare il mondo di creature immaginarie. Dopo una prima versione presentata a Chicago due anni fa, lo spettacolo sarà presentato a fine luglio con due concerti allo Yerba Buena Center for the Arts di San Francisco: ne anticipa i contenuti la stessa Kihlstedt in una breve ripresa affidata a YouTube, e con maggiore dovizia di particolari in Kickstarter e nel sito web appositamente creato, Imaginary Beings Project, dove è possibile contribuire in vario modo al progetto (e anche adottare una delle bestiole, volendo).

Necessary Monsters is a set of nine songs performed by seven musicians and a narrator. Carla Kihlstedt is the composer, violinist, primary vocalist, and director. The libretto is by Rafael Osés, a Cuban-American poet, artist and educator living on the East Coast. In this performance, the audience follows the delirious journey of a writer cajoled by creatures of her own imagining as she tries in vain to corral and contain them in an orderly field guide. Each poem is a manifestation of an imaginary creature culled from Jorge Luis Borges' Book of Imaginary Beings. Though the character of each one is distinct and unique, together the beings create a cohesive whole, living side by side in one mind. Likewise, though each song is singular in its musical approach, the journey from the first to the last is captivating and complete. There is a folk-inspired song set in the woods, a military march, a dizzying circus waltz, an intimate piece of chamber music, an insistent and aggressive rock song. Necessary Monsters is a celebration of creativity and of the act of self-reflection. All of the beings in the Borges book are the result of people having had the courage to look into their own minds and articulate what they saw, whether it's dark and disturbing, or humorous and laughable.


23 giugno 2011

Mutant Sounds recupera un inedito di Albert Marcoeur, dal vivo a Nancy nel 1977, più o meno all'epoca di Album à colorier. "An exceptionally rare live recording of this near mythical French avant prog mage and his crack team of accomplices, whose brilliantly deconstructive musical muse (often compared to Zappa) almost defines the aesthetic stance adopted by the R.I.O. crowd, despite his not being formally inducted into their cabal during Rock In Opposition's heyday. Newcomers to Marcoeur's body of work would be better served by first acquainting themselves with his studio recordings (the split tape with This Heat on Tago Mago would be a good place to start), but for initiates, this admittedly rather rough live recording offers a fascinating window into how his musical processes unfurl in real time."


22 giugno 2011

Benoit Delaune pubblica un breve saggio su Captain Beefheart e le diverse formazioni della sua Magic Band: Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band(s), per la francese Le Mot et Le Reste.

"The (s) was very important to me, as I consider that the 1965 era-Magic Band was a wonderful bunch of musicians, but also the 1969 band, the 1970, etc., even the 1979-82 band (one of my favourite). Every Magic Band sounds fresh, astounding, virtuoso. That's a great lesson and this book was also for me, as a musician, a way of tipping my hat to all those wonderful musicians. I have tried not only to tell a day-to-day Magic Band story (it's a short book, 150 pages!), but also to analyse their music, especially Trout Mask Replica which is discussed using some philosophic concepts, i.e. those of Gilles Deleuze's. I've described what I call the "Great Beefheart Paradox", Don Van Vliet's apparent "kamikaze" or "sabotage" attitude (for example the Magic Mountain Fantasy Fair concert incident). I have written about the guru aspect of the Magic Band's life, and I've tried to show that the Magic Band music could be the result of psychological pressures, harassment etc. - but it remains one of the most free musical expression ever produced."


21 giugno 2011

Su YouTube una perla dallo scrigno di Azure (XIII BIS Records, 1998) esposta al pubblico londinese pochi giorni fa: "The devil had a hell of a side... when Georgie died". E ci sono anche The Rubens Room e una particolare versione di We Let The Stars Go. Louis Philippe, con Danny Manners e Alasdair MacLean.

When Georgie Died
The Rubens Room
We Let The Stars Go

20 giugno 2011

E' disponibile in .pdf un primo dossier di informazioni sul festival francese Rock in Opposition, che si terrà nell'ormai consueta sede a Cap Découverte, Carmaux nei giorni dal 16 al 18 settembre 2011. Fosse sfuggito a qualcuno, in cartellone quest'anno c'è Arno.


19 giugno 2011

Il contributo di Robert Wyatt e Alfreda BengeDomino Radio lo scorso 11 giugno si riascolta in streaming presso il sito web della radio. Commenta Jonny Bradshaw: "It was a beautiful day for the long drive to Louth in deepest Lincolnshire to see Robert and Alfie in their lovely cottage. A most pleasant afternoon was spent musing on some of Robert’s favourite jazz and pop tracks, and smoking A LOT of cigarettes. Tune in to hear a completely unedited, intimate and highly revealing recording of all the chat - live and direct from the Wyatt’s front room..."


18 giugno 2011

Numerose registrazioni di Richard Thompson effettuate per la BBC in varie occasioni tra il 1974 e il 2009 e rimaste in massima parte inedite vedono la luce in un box di tre cd audio, un dvd e un corposo libretto con note e interviste pubblicato in questi giorni da Universal Music: Live at the BBC.
Informazioni e dettagli in http://www.richardthompson-music.com/

This beautifully packaged 4 disc (3CD + DVD) box set comprises of the very best radio and TV performances by Richard and Linda Thompson and Richard Thompson solo recorded for the BBC between January 1974 and 2009. These are the first ever collection of BBC recordings sanctioned by Richard Thompson, the first career retrospective DVD ever released by Richard Thompson and the first ever to feature Linda. This box set contains extensive liner notes with new interviews with both Richard and Linda, over 80 previously unreleased recordings, 18 songs never before on cd, 4 brand new songs and 3 unreleased traditional songs, acoustic sessions and completely different arrangements of some of his best known recordings.


17 giugno 2011

William Parker pubblica per la francese Rogue Art un nuovo libro che raccoglie dichiarazioni e interviste raccolte negli ultimi dodici anni parlando con musicisti amici e colleghi: Conversations. Nel corposo volume, oltre a una trentina di pagine di fotografie di Jacques Bisceglia, c'è anche un cd audio con alcuni passaggi tratti dalle interviste e brani in solo dello stesso bassista.

Jazz bass great William Parker, a musician's musician and a canny conversationalist – delivering a terrific book for Rogue Art featuring interviews he conducted over a 12 year period – conversations with Fred Anderson, Billy Bang, Han Bennink, Dave Burrell, Frank Lowe, Nicole Mitchell, Sunny Murray, Louis Maholo, Alan Sliva and many more! The discussions focused on four main areas: sound; the multi-dimensional aspects of the musicians as human beings who are thinkers, philosophers and healers who have an affinity for other arts and sciences; recollections of the 'scene'; and family background.The book is paperback, 443 pages, with that sparely beautiful Rogue Art white, black & red design, with a section of color and b&w photographs by Jacques Bisceglia. Definitely a rare treasure – with a report that could really only happen from one musician to others. Edited by Ed Hazell. It comes with a CD, too – featuring excerpts of the interviews and some William Parker bass solos. The CD is 68+ minutes.


16 giugno 2011

'What can the free in free-improvisation possibly mean?', chiede John Butcher nel suo saggio Freedom and Sound - This time it’s personal pubblicato questo mese in Point of Departure. Già!


15 giugno 2011

Radio Free Song Club chiede a seguaci e amici un piccolo sostegno in denaro per proseguire le proprie attività: l'appello è in KickStarter.

Radio Free Song Club is a free-form, improvisational live radio show posted monthly to the web. Each songwriter member contributes a new song for every show, either mailing it in or coming in to play live with the incredible house band. Co-founder Kate Jacobs says, "It’s a collective that raises everyone’s game. Artistic, competitive, and conversational rather than self-promoting." Host Nicholas Hill adds, "This show is an album of sorts, or a radio program with no FM modulation.”

Everyone says there are too many songs, yet everyone waits for the next song to love. Songwriters know there is always room for a gem. “Songs are hard to beat. . . Portable, flexible, adhesive; appealing to mind, heart, and body as required. They can unite a community or touch the solitary in each listener or both at once. No mean feat.” (Peter Blegvad)

Radio Free Song Club has posted 13 shows, presenting well over one hundred new songs. All programs are posted for free download at http://radiofreesongclub.com. In addition, many individual songs are available in an ever-expanding, remarkable sampler: http://radiofreesongclub.com/songs. A true labor of love for all involved, Radio Free Song Club reluctantly acknowledges that their 100% volunteer, cash-free ethos has to bend a little in order to cover basic expenses like piano tuners, hard drives, web hosting, publicity etc. We are raising money to fund econd year of programming. No one gets paid - the writers, the host, the musicians, and the engineers do it for art's sake and because it is so much fun.


14 giugno 2011

Ha aspetto scabro ma sprigiona vividi colori e lucentezze a tratti sfolgoranti l'album Barrikad, nuovo gioiello acustico dei bravissimi Testbild! disponibile in vinile in sole trecento copie presso Kalligrammofon oppure in versione digitale presso Bandcamp. Dal sito dell'etichetta si scarica gratuitamente anche un singolo - con doppio lato A - mentre un video di Sebastian Rozenberg, per il brano En kartbild utan sand, è su Vimeo.

Testbild! are known as a somewhat secretive group with a sound that mixes melodic and cinematic pop music with influences from 60s jazz and avantgarde sound experimentation. Prior to the release of Barrikad, which is their first work to be released by Kalligrammofon, they have released five albums, a couple of eps and contributed to compilations on labels such as Friendly Noise and Radio Khartoum. Last year they collaborated with Louis Philippe in a project named The Ocean Tango. The members of Testbild! reside in Malmö, Stockholm and London.
On Barrikad Testbild! have limited themselves to make an (almost entirely) acoustic album with lyrics sung in Swedish language. Barrikad could be described as a chamber pop album centered round a lot of guitars, horns, a harpsichord and a church organ. As a physical artefact Barrikad is a vinyl-only release, in an edition of 300 copies, with stunningly beautiful artwork by Rikard Heberling and Jacob Grønbech Jensen.


13 giugno 2011

E ancora a proposito di Danny Manners, un suo bel brano del 1997 tuttora inedito, frutto di una breve collaborazione con il cantante David Longdon, è stato trasmesso nella puntata del 7 giugno di Curve Ball, programma della Wolverhampton City Radio curato da Chris Evans. Si tratta di Dreams Of Harry Beck, ispirato all'uomo che nel 1931 disegnò la celebre mappa della metropolitana londinese. Lo si riascolta in MixCloud.


12 giugno 2011

Louis Philippe e il fedelissimo Danny Manners si alleano con Alasdair MacLean, cantante e chitarrista nel gruppo The Clientele, per alcuni concerti in trio: due a Londra, oggi (The Hangover Lounge) e il 15 giugno (The Betsey Trotwood), e uno a Madrid il 2 luglio (Nasti).


11 giugno 2011

Plastic Spoon sono ospiti domani sera del programma radiofonico di David Garland Spinning on Air, per la newyorkese WNYC: la puntata va in onda alle ore 20.00 - orario della costa orientale degli Stati Uniti - ma la si recupera anche successivamente negli archivi online dell'emittente. Fanno parte del gruppo Karen Mantler, Kato Hideki, Doug Wieselman e Shahzad Ismaily. Alcuni brani tratti da un loro concerto a inizio mese al centro d'arte Littlefield a Brooklyn sono in http://www.youtube.com/user/mycatarnold

Plastic Spoon plays songs about money. This newly-formed New York group features Karen Mantler (voice, harmonica), Kato Hideki (bass), Doug Wieselman (guitar), and Shahzad Ismaily (drums) -- great, creative musicians who've played with everybody, pushed musical boundaries, and are now experimenting with being a somewhat normal rock band. They sing a song about Karl Marx, another about billionaire David Koch, plus there's a rollicking song about paying--and not paying--the utility bill. Host David Garland welcomes Plastic Spoon to the WNYC Studio to perform and talk about their music. Lend an ear--but only one ear, because Plastic Spoon demands that their music be heard in mono!


10 giugno 2011

Dopo Jean-Marc Montera il mese scorso, sono ora Eugene Chadbourne e Mike Cooper al centro delle attenzioni a Palermo di Curva Minore Contemporary Sounds 2011, un ricco ciclo di seminari conferenze e concerti iniziato a febbraio e che si conclude questo fine settimana presso il Museo delle Marionette con concerti di Chadbourne e Cooper in solo e con Roberto Bellatalla, Fabrizio Spera e la Curva Minore Workshop Band.
Il programma completo si consulta in www.curvaminore.org/2011/libretto2011_red.pdf


09 giugno 2011

Dal concerto degli Hot Ibrido Six - in formazione ridotta a quartetto, quella sera - assieme ai Gentle Giant Gary Green e Malcolm Mortimore a Lugagnano di Sona, lo scorso 4 giugno, un ruvido estratto del super-classico Peel The Paint in un video amatoriale su YouTube.


08 giugno 2011

Dopo lungo periodo fuori catalogo torna disponibile per Cuneiform l'album di Phil Miller Cutting Both Ways (LP Impetus/Cuneiform nel 1987 e poi CD Cuneiform, con un brano in più, nel 1989), primo documento ufficiale per il suo gruppo In Cahoots, all'epoca composto da Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean, Pete Lemer e Pip Pyle oltre a Miller. Due brani realizzati in studio in collaborazione con Dave Stewart e Barbara Gaskin segnavano anche i primi azzardi in territorio MIDI da parte del chitarrista, che nelle note di copertina scriveva: "This album comprises two aspects of my compositional output. The first is represented by the four pieces recorded by my band, In Cahoots, and the second by the two pieces recorded in collaboration with Dave Stewart. In Cahoots has toured Europe extensively in the past two years. The music recorded here is largely a result of the live-in-the-studio approach. This contrasts with the two pieces recorded in collaboration with Dave. Here the orientation is towards multi-tracking, utilizing the latests developments in music technology".


07 giugno 2011

Al progetto della Howard Assembly Room di Leeds dedicato alle ninne nanne The Unthanks hanno donato di recente un'immacolata versione di Lullaby for Hamza, di Alfreda Benge e Robert Wyatt. Il video è su YouTube. The Unthanks partecipano anche all'omaggio a Peter Bellamy The Oak, Ash & Thorn Project promosso dalla Folk Police Recordings, interpretando da par loro il brano che dà il nome all'intera iniziativa e che nel 1970 intitolava uno dei più riusciti album del folksinger inglese.


06 giugno 2011

Ci sono anche Robert Wyatt e Alfreda Benge nella lunga lista di conduttori, ospiti, speaker e dj impegnati nella maratona radiofonica - un'intera settimana senza interruzioni - promossa dalla Domino Records a partire dalle ore 7.00 di lunedì 6 giugno 2011. Elenco dei partecipanti si legge in http://dominorad.io/a-z mentre al sito web dell'etichetta si dovrebbero poter leggere presto orari e calendari in dettaglio. Domino Radio si può seguire in FM (London 87.7) oppure in streaming in http://dominorad.io e www.guardian.co.uk/music.

In the spirit of such stand-alone broadcasting giants as Radio Caroline, John Peel Show, Rinse FM, The World Service and Woman's Hour - and dispensing with such orthodoxies as playlists and compliance - Domino Radio commences transmission on June 6th 2011, for a week of non-stop music, conversation and good times. Presented by Domino's international roster of artists, along with friends and neighbours from the worldwide independent music community, Domino Radio will host a dynamic schedule loaded with individuality, free expression and all manner of sounds from around the world.


05 giugno 2011

Slitta a settembre o forse ottobre la trasmissione del concerto di Comicoperando registrato ad Amsterdam lo scorso 19 maggio dall'olandese VPRO Radio 6, dopo i ritocchi al missaggio voluti da Chris Cutler.
Agli iscritti a una sua newsletter Bruce Lee Gallanter di Downtown Music Gallery invia una dettagliata cronaca dell'edizione di quest'anno del Fimav di Victoriaville, e del concerto di Comicoperando, posto a conclusione dell'intero festival, così riferisce: "The final set this year was the much anticipated ComicOperando: The music of Robert Wyatt by another international cast. The all-star sextet featured Dagmar Krause on lead vocals, Karen Mantler on Hammond organ, harmonica & vocals, Annie Whitehead on trombone, Michel Deville on electric guitar & vocal, John Edwards on contrabass & vocal and Chris Cutler on drums. There are a number of things about this set which kept the anticipation so intense. Dagmar Krause used to sing lead for Henry Cow, Slapp Happy & the Art Bears, three very important bands in the history of serious progressive music. Dagmar has never performed in the US much to the dismay of Henry Cow & Art Bears fans here but did perform in a duo at Victo a few years back. Drummer Chris Cutler was also a member of Henry Cow & the Art Bears, as well as with the Art Bears (Reunion) Songbook which took place at Victo a few years back. Robert Wyatt is the favorite singer and songwriter of many of those who consider themselves to be Canterbury fans and/or serious progressive music enthusiasts. Mr. Wyatt retired from singing on stage more than thirty years ago except for a handful of special occasions, all of which were in England. So getting a chance to hear songs from many of Mr. Wyatt's great records played live was indeed a rare treat. 'Rock Bottom' is considered by many (myself included) to be Wyatt's masterwork and for this set we heard four of those special songs - Wow! I believe it was Karen Mantler who put this fine group together and she did a great job. Karen is the daughter of Carla Bley & Michael Mantler, both of whom are/were good friends of Robert's and utilized his voice on a few of their own records. The sixteen songs that were chosen were taken from Robert's long career which started back in 1967 with Soft Machine through Matching Mole and his long solo career since. The earliest song was Hugh Hopper's classic "Memories" which was once sung by Robert on an early Daevid Allen solo record and here sublimely sung by Dagmar. Another earlier song was "Gloria Gloom" from the second Matching Mole album which was given a spooky, reflective treatment, better to consider the words that really make you think. Another unexpected delight was "Solar Flares" from 'Ruth is Stranger Than Richard', sung well by Karen with special attention to the complex arrangements. The first encore also included the silly "Soup Song" also from 'Ruth...' which was well handled by Dagmar. The majority of the songs were taken from later Wyatt albums and each one was well-chosen. Besides organ, Karen also played some delightful chromatic harmonica on a couple of pieces. It was great to hear acoustic bass great John Edwards playing songs instead his usual improvising work and he even sung one song and sounded perfect for that song. Guitarist Michel Delville is from a band called the Wrong Object who I hadn't heard of. He also played well with that Mike Oldfield-like sustained tone that works so well on 'Rock Bottom'. The real treat for many of was getting to hear "Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road" (with Annie Whitehead replacing Mongezi Feza on trombone), "Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road", "Alifib" and best of all "Sea Song" which sent chills up and down my spine and brought tears to my eyes. Although it might have been too low key for some, I thought it was the perfect way to bring this festival to a grand close".

Del Fimav, e di Comicoperando, ha scritto anche Nicolas Houle in http://tinyurl.com/6gzfr3p avendo in precedenza raccolto qualche commento direttamente da Dagmar Krause, in http://tinyurl.com/63vkvor. Altre succinte cronache sono in http://tinyurl.com/65hs9rz e http://tinyurl.com/6adze7a.

04 giugno 2011

Oltre alla versione deluxe - due cd e un dvd con missaggi originali e alternativi, brani inediti e un paio di filmati d'epoca - a festeggiare i quarant'anni del capolavoro dei Caravan In the Land of Grey and Pink c'è anche un'edizione in vinile, ovviamente in grigio e rosa, a tiratura limitata: "I am looking forward to seeing how this edition is received - dice Pye Hastings - and to whether it appeals to a younger age group than just our regular fans. I have been told that the advance orders are very good, particularly for the limited edition of the album on vinyl, which I believe has sold out".


03 giugno 2011

Tornano in Italia a dar man forte all'Ibrido Hot Six i due Gentle Giant Gary Green e Malcolm Mortimore: due i concerti insieme, il 4 giugno a Lugagnano di Sona, Vr (Club Il Giardino) e il 5 a Roma (Jailbreak).
In merito alla rilettura dell'album Acquiring the Taste operata dal sestetto - il cd è allegato al volume "Gentle Giant. I Giganti del Prog-Rock" (Stampa Alternativa, 2010) - dice Antonio Apuzzo, autore del libro e di gran parte degli arrangiamenti: "L'approccio è fedele al "testo" originale, ma anche aperto a spazi di natura improvvisativa, con l'inserimento di brevi sezioni che ho composto con diverse funzioni strutturali (introduzione, coda, sviluppo improvvisato) ma sempre all'interno di un irrinunciabile equilibrio compositivo. Attraverso l'utilizzo di arrangiamenti puntuali e rigorosi, ma nello stesso tempo flessibili, ho cercato di esaltare la vocazione cameristica della musica dei Gentle Giant, una musica fortemente contrappuntistica, in cui anche le parti vocali hanno un'anima strumentale, un elemento, quest'ultimo, decisamente interessante, visto che nel nostro caso parliamo di versioni interamente strumentali. Quando ho deciso di confrontarmi con il repertorio più creativo e visionario dei Gentle Giant, sono stato attratto in primo luogo dalle tecniche compositive utilizzate, quindi il fatto che il repertorio fosse quasi interamente scritto e fortemente strutturato non ha rappresentato un problema, anzi mi ha aiutato nel mettere a fuoco l'intero lavoro di rielaborazione dei materiali che avevo a disposizione".


02 giugno 2011

John Greaves porta in scena Divine Ignorante, un assaggio del suo secondo album sulle poesie di Paul Verlaine, in uscita a settembre. Appuntamento a Les Lilas, Le Triton sabato 4 giugno.

John Greaves présente “Divine Ignorante” avant goût du disque “Verlaine II” qui sortira en septembre 2011. Deuxième excursion dans la sensibilité sublimement contradictoire du “Pauvre Lélian”. Greaves est habité par la voix du poète. Les musiciens qui l’accompagnent transmutent la beauté du verbe en orfèvrerie sonore. John Greaves, chant, piano; Scott Taylor, accordéon; Laurent Valéro, bandonéon, flûtes, violons; Jef Morin, guitare; Silvain Vanot, guitare, chant, harmonica, washboard.


01 giugno 2011

Si legge on line al blog Le Glob, ma lo si può richiedere anche su carta: Le cri du chat è il nuovo notiziario di casa nato. Meow!

Pour lire ces pages du premier numéro du Cri du Chat, vous pouvez, soit vous munir d'une loupe et d'un costume de Sherlock Holmes, soit cliquer avec votre souris (rassurez la, c'est sans risque) sur chaque image pour les agrandir puis cliquer encore pour un confort maximal. Si vous désirez la version papier qui sent bon l'encre, vous pouvez la demander en écrivant à l'e-mail suivant : webmaster@natomusic.fr