23 giugno 2011

Mutant Sounds recupera un inedito di Albert Marcoeur, dal vivo a Nancy nel 1977, più o meno all'epoca di Album à colorier. "An exceptionally rare live recording of this near mythical French avant prog mage and his crack team of accomplices, whose brilliantly deconstructive musical muse (often compared to Zappa) almost defines the aesthetic stance adopted by the R.I.O. crowd, despite his not being formally inducted into their cabal during Rock In Opposition's heyday. Newcomers to Marcoeur's body of work would be better served by first acquainting themselves with his studio recordings (the split tape with This Heat on Tago Mago would be a good place to start), but for initiates, this admittedly rather rough live recording offers a fascinating window into how his musical processes unfurl in real time."