11 giugno 2011

Plastic Spoon sono ospiti domani sera del programma radiofonico di David Garland Spinning on Air, per la newyorkese WNYC: la puntata va in onda alle ore 20.00 - orario della costa orientale degli Stati Uniti - ma la si recupera anche successivamente negli archivi online dell'emittente. Fanno parte del gruppo Karen Mantler, Kato Hideki, Doug Wieselman e Shahzad Ismaily. Alcuni brani tratti da un loro concerto a inizio mese al centro d'arte Littlefield a Brooklyn sono in http://www.youtube.com/user/mycatarnold

Plastic Spoon plays songs about money. This newly-formed New York group features Karen Mantler (voice, harmonica), Kato Hideki (bass), Doug Wieselman (guitar), and Shahzad Ismaily (drums) -- great, creative musicians who've played with everybody, pushed musical boundaries, and are now experimenting with being a somewhat normal rock band. They sing a song about Karl Marx, another about billionaire David Koch, plus there's a rollicking song about paying--and not paying--the utility bill. Host David Garland welcomes Plastic Spoon to the WNYC Studio to perform and talk about their music. Lend an ear--but only one ear, because Plastic Spoon demands that their music be heard in mono!