15 giugno 2011

Radio Free Song Club chiede a seguaci e amici un piccolo sostegno in denaro per proseguire le proprie attività: l'appello è in KickStarter.

Radio Free Song Club is a free-form, improvisational live radio show posted monthly to the web. Each songwriter member contributes a new song for every show, either mailing it in or coming in to play live with the incredible house band. Co-founder Kate Jacobs says, "It’s a collective that raises everyone’s game. Artistic, competitive, and conversational rather than self-promoting." Host Nicholas Hill adds, "This show is an album of sorts, or a radio program with no FM modulation.”

Everyone says there are too many songs, yet everyone waits for the next song to love. Songwriters know there is always room for a gem. “Songs are hard to beat. . . Portable, flexible, adhesive; appealing to mind, heart, and body as required. They can unite a community or touch the solitary in each listener or both at once. No mean feat.” (Peter Blegvad)

Radio Free Song Club has posted 13 shows, presenting well over one hundred new songs. All programs are posted for free download at http://radiofreesongclub.com. In addition, many individual songs are available in an ever-expanding, remarkable sampler: http://radiofreesongclub.com/songs. A true labor of love for all involved, Radio Free Song Club reluctantly acknowledges that their 100% volunteer, cash-free ethos has to bend a little in order to cover basic expenses like piano tuners, hard drives, web hosting, publicity etc. We are raising money to fund econd year of programming. No one gets paid - the writers, the host, the musicians, and the engineers do it for art's sake and because it is so much fun.