27 luglio 2011

Altra scomparsa in questi giorni è quella di Ron van Eck, bassista dello storico gruppo olandese - ma 'canterburyano' di elezione - Supersister. Pur in formazione ridotta a trio dopo la scomparsa nel 2000 di un altro membro delle origini, il flautista Sacha van Geest, e appunto le non buone condizioni di salute di van Eck, si era sperato in una loro partecipazione al Nearfest, prima che l'edizione di quest'anno del festival fosse cancellata.
Un commiato si legge al sito web del gruppo: "This is no good news… Since July 20th, Wednesday morning, our dear friend bass player Ron van Eck is no longer with us. After several years of heavy health struggling his body ‘simply’ had to give up – the end was reached. The end of his working so hard and so patiently on recovering, which even one day resulted in the fact that he picked up the bass guitar again. Supersister even started to rehearse – very cautiously – we had high hopes to be able to play Nearfest 2011 after also completing a short TV appearance in September 2010. Sadly enough we had to cancel all this shortly after: Ron suddenly suffered from significant fall-back. It seemed as if Ron had to start all over again – which he did, as he had done everything before, utmost bravely, but as we know now, half a year later: in vain… Ron was Supersister’s architect and philosopher – without him it would have been something else completely, as well musically as lyric-wise. We sure will miss him badly, our dear music mate and friend with whom we went through so many stages in life together. Bye bye Ron, thank you for all your notes, words, ideas… our Red Giant!"