20 luglio 2011

Esce per Ecm un nuovo lavoro di Michael Mantler, imperniato sul binomio scrittura-improvvisazione: si intitola For Two, ed è affidato nei ruoli di solista e orchestra alle chitarre e al pianoforte di Bjarne Roupé e Per Salo. Note e partiture sono tutte disponibili in pdf in http://www.mantlermusic.com/Scores/fortwo/scores_fortwo.htm 

"For Two, a striking duet recording of new music for piano and guitar, encapsulates conceptual considerations central to Michael Mantler’s work. Since the mid-1960s, when he co-founded the Jazz Composer’s Guild and established the Jazz Composer’s Orchestra, finding forms for creatively channelling the improvisational impulse has been a priority. In the course of a distinguished series of recordings for Jcoa, Watt and Ecm, Mantler has often looked at ways in which notated music and improvising can inform, complement or inspire each other. On For Two the concise duets continue Michael Mantler’s basic concept of creating music that is in part completely notated, but also involves improvisation.
With only two instruments here, the piano represents Mantler’s essentially orchestral concept with a soloist from contemporary new music (a “classical” non-improvising pianist), combined with a second player coming from jazz, the guitarist (improvising/freely interpreting)".