28 giugno 2011

L'etichetta Bôłt pubblica documentazione sonora integrale di una recente esecuzione della celebre e discussa composizione di Cornelius Cardew The Great Learning per opera di una sessantina di musicisti esperti e dilettanti guidati da Nima Gousheh dal 18 al 24 luglio 2010 in varie sedi a Wigry e Sejny, in Polonia.
Si dice nelle note di copertina: "Four decades after its completion, this composition remains one of the most often recalled and imitated masterpiece of counterculture avantgarde. And the most ignored by the music market - official, popular and independent. Most probably because of its ideal and unabated inadequacy towards their consequences and standards. We have managed to recreate its original scenery and context. In an almost untouched outdoor of Polish north-east and historic, sacral spots of Suwalszczyzna, Cardew's insiders met amateurs from ten different countries to bring back to life this unique ritual. Here, in a form of 4 CD album, comes an audio documentation of this unprecedented event".
Una riflessione di Brian Olewnick si legge al suo blog Just Outside.