03 luglio 2011

Presentata a Parigi lo scorso anno, è a Berlino fino al 24 luglio la mostra Radical Jewish Culture-The New York Music Scene Since 1990, con un nutrito programma di concerti, forum ed eventi collaterali ospitati nell'area del vecchio edificio dell'imponente Jewish Museum Berlin.

Festival for Radical New Jewish Culture was the name the New York composer and saxophonist John Zorn gave his section of the program at the "Art Projekt ‘92" music festival in Munich. He invited musicians of different genres, among them greats from the New York underground scene such as Lou Reed and John Lurie. Amongst the New York musicians, the festival provoked a collective exploration of their Jewish identity. A series of festivals ensued in New York and European towns such as at the Künstlerhaus Tacheles in Berlin in 1997. The special exhibition "Radical Jewish Culture," curated in Paris where it was shown last year, shows how this music scene developed through numerous music samples, concert clips, and largely unpublished archival materials from the musicians involved. On show are music books, pictures, and books belonging to the musicians and works of art that were sources of inspiration for costumes and LP covers. The key figures of this music scene have their say in interviews: John Zorn, Anthony Coleman, Marc Ribot, David Krakauer, Shelley Hirsch, Elliott Sharp, Roy Nathanson, and Frank London.

Jewish Museum Berlin
Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin