02 luglio 2011

Si rinnova oggi l'appuntamento con Unwhitstable, un'intera giornata di concerti e incontri musicali curata da Evan Parker nella chiesa di San Pietro a Whitstable, nel Kent. In programma Aleks Kolkowski / Sebastian Lexer, Mark Sanders (solo), Mat Maneri (solo), Evan Parker / Matt Wright, John Russell / Roger Turner, Robert Jarvis (solo), Mat Maneri / Liam Noble / Evan Parker / Mark Sanders.
Commentando l'edizione dell'anno scorso ha scritto Julian Cowley: "Evan Parker has made no secret of his enthusiasm for the acoustic warmth and fidelity of St Peter's, an 80 year old church in the Kent coastal town of Whitstable. It has become his performance and recording space of choice, and this relaxed day of music making, hosted by Parker, made it easy to understand why. St Peter's is spacious but sounds intimate and free from distracting echo. Light and airy and close to the sea, it was just right for a six-hour event on a warm summer's day that celebrated improvising as a mode of sociality, while delivering some of those magical experiences reached only through open and spontaneous playing".

St Peter's Church
66 Sydenham Street
Whitstable CT5 1HL