12 luglio 2011

V for Victory vede Charles Hayward, Nick Doyne-Ditmas e Vern Edwards impegnati in un progetto che al di là delle apparenze ha ben poco del tipico power trio: un'idea la suggerisce Escapism, brano di una ventina di minuti disponibile in download gratuito presso il sito del batterista, http://www.charleshayward.org/
I tre suonano il prossimo 17 luglio a Londra - The Bird's Nest, in Deptford Church Street - in formazione estesa per l'occasione a quartetto, ospite la dj Bpm: "The band is playing some of the most enigmatic music I’ve ever been involved with - rivela Hayward - jumping from ferocious interweaving to playing that is from deep beyond the id, changing focus, tempo and mood suddenly, and then stretching into slowly evolving changes of focus and mood. I’m playing a lot of unusual metres but making them sound like straight fours, which makes whirlpools for the audience to throw their bodies up against. Nick is back with renewed vigour after his accident, we love playing together and it's like we appreciate how special the way we play together is, telepathic. Vern Edwards guitar is so deep, it doesn’t try to be anything than what it is, pure sound, very elegant and hypnotic. The addition of dj Bpm offers us the ability to play beyond the sound, her thing interacts so well with the totality that the music has become a self-organising entity…"