07 agosto 2011

Mentre non cessano di venire alla luce ovunque rarità e inediti di Sun Ra, salgono a trenta - all'inizio ne erano stati annunciati quattordici, poi venti - i cd che faranno parte della monumentale antologia Sun Ra-The Eternal Myth Revealed, prodotta da Sun Ra Music Archive e Transparency, il cui primo volume è previsto in uscita ai primi di ottobre. In merito al valore storico dell'opera scrive Chris Cutler, raccomandandola: "This solid and profound collection doesn't just tell the story of one man's musical history but picks out a vital thread that runs through the tapestry of black popular music in the first half of the past century. Ra was never a crazy eccentric, more a shrewd observer, who took his own road but kept his eye on the traffic. He speaks eloquently here and with great charm, about his life, work, musical evolution and the landmarks and byways of an emergent cultural language of which he was an important part. With around 30 hours of rare music and speech, much never published until now and most of the rest so obscure and eclectic that it's pretty unlikely any of it will be familiar, this is an unprecedented and historically invaluable collection".