22 agosto 2011

A Mulhouse (Francia) comincia domani il festival Météo, cinque giorni di concerti proiezioni e installazioni dedicati a jazz, improvvisazione, classica, contemporanea e multimedialità: il programma completo, anche in .pdf, si trova in www.festival-meteo.fr

"Every year has its seasons. Every season its color, temperature and light. No two winters are the same, summer never starts when expected. Always too much, never enough… It makes the travel agents complain but that’s just the way it is. And every year you will have to start again carefully: always enough, never too much. Well no! Like a tree unwilling to wait to be given permission or encouragement, this festival creates new branches, new buds every year. It flourishes, gives fruit - more or less, depending on the years. In the autumn, we forget it a little, a few flowers and a few fruit have fallen to the ground and will be the next season’s fertility. This program was not composed any differently: braving winds and bad weather, collecting the fruit fallen over the past 27 editions. Our tree happily welcomes unruly children and birds of passage, offers a shady spot for the walker and a scratcher for the cattle.You might meet indecisive woodcutters and crooks in ambush. Here we are awaiting - without knowing - the lover come to gather a few fruits… On our tree none are forbidden: taste them all!"