27 settembre 2011

Al blog The Jazz Man Tim Owen recensisce il concerto di Evan Parker con il collettivo Grutronic tenuto al Vortex londinese il 22 settembre scorso. Un nuovo album insieme, Together in Zero Space, tratto da un concerto del 2009 a Bratislava, esce in questi giorni per l'etichetta psi.

Grutronic are a collective of free improvisers. All have a past/present as acoustic ensemble players. In Grutronic they become re-incarnated as electronic musicians, extending technique through the development of highly personalised systems of sound production and control. Recent innovations and new intuitive and performance oriented technologies have put tools and techniques, once the preserve of the electronic music studio, into the hands of player. Grutronic take on these new challenges with glee. Together they aim to surprise and delight the listener and themselves with unheard forms and sound-relationships, galvanised in the moment of performance.