21 settembre 2011

Dogfishtrombone e Resonance FM promuovono stasera al londinese 12 Bar Club un nuovo omaggio a Phil Ochs, I Phil Therefore I Am: A Tribute To Phil Ochs #2. Tra i molti interviene anche Bob Rafkin, chitarrista al fianco di Ochs negli album Tape From California e Rehearsals For Retirement, oltre che nel celebre concerto di Gunfight At Carnegie Hall.

Phil Ochs began his music career in Greenwich Village in the 60s. He was a contemporary of Bob Dylan, to whom he was both a friend and a rival. Initially known for his topical and "protest" songs, Phil (like Dylan) later went on to write more abstract and poetic material. A very popular performer in his time, Phil remained engaged in supporting socialist causes, causing him to be branded "dangerous" and "un-American" by the FBI. By the early 70s a series of failures and setbacks sent Phil into a depression from which he never fully recovered. He produced very little new music during these years, suffering from writer's block and alcoholism. He finally took his own life in 1976.
This night aims to pay tribute to Phil Ochs the songwriter. This aspect of Phil is often overlooked and he's still sometimes written off as another 60s protest singer. Listen to the songs though, and you will discover a rare talent who could make you laugh, make you think and move you deeply. We are delighted to welcome as our special guest Bob Rafkin, who played guitar on the Phil Ochs albums "Tape From California" and "Rehearsals For Retirement", as well as at the infamous "Gunfight At Carnegie Hall" concert. Bob will be sharing some memories of working with Phil as well as performing two of his greatest songs.