17 settembre 2011

Mai ristampato né in vinile né in cd, Kicking as Art Form è sempre rimasto uno degli album di più difficile reperibilità tra quelli pubblicati a suo tempo dall'etichetta Fringe Benefit, curata da Jon Rose: una dozzina di improvvisazioni registrate a Canberra nel 1984 in duo con il trombonista Simone de Haan, riportate solo in minima parte nell'antologico Fringe Benefits: 1977-1985 (Entropy Stereo, 1999) appena prima che andassero rovinati o persi per sempre i nastri originali. Oggi le recupera il blog di Continuo, dove si scrive: "Simone De Haan’s trombone is almost constantly soloing on side A, while Jon Rose merely contributes discrete background droning sounds from self-build 19 string cello. Regular cello sounds appear with the pair of traditionals closing the first side (#5 & 6), after which the rest of the LP is more like a proper duo, with Rose switching to home-made 5 and 16 string violins. On the wonderful #7 Kookaburra – Fair Dinkum, Rose produces magical, aeolian harp-like sounds from the 16 string violin. Elsewhere he plays a kind of insect music of pizzicati and repeated notes, interrupted by unexpected vocal interjections. On the epic closing track, the 2 musicians are moving around the stage and 8 microphones while producing eerie sounds from their respective instruments, for once sounding almost indistinguishable, producing disorienting, otherworldly tonalities".