17 ottobre 2011

Era in programma tra pochi giorni, ma è slittata a febbraio 2012 la proiezione sul Canale 4 della BBC del film Playing Against Time che vede protagonista Barbara Thompson nella sua tenace lotta alla malattia idiopatica di Parkinson: "This is a 75 min. 'musical-medico' documentary about Barbara's fight to keep performing, while suffering from her ever deteriorating Parkinson's condition. It's directed by Mike Dibb, who was responsible for the original film about B&J, 'Jazz, Rock & Marriage' back in '79 and the subsequent award winning Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett & Astor Piazzolla films. Originally scheduled for November 2011, the BBC have decided to show this film during a 'jazz weekend' planned for transmission on BBC 4 sometime in February 2012.The film has already had several screenings in London and all those present, Parkinson sufferers, healthcare professionals, musicians and other interested parties have been both moved and lavish in their praise of the information it imparts and the overall message of hope that it brings regarding the future treatment of all debilitating conditions affecting the brain. The film is underscored by Barbara's music throughout."
Sulla malattia che l'affligge ormai da quasi quindici anni la sassofonista inglese scrive in www.temple-music.com/tm05on/html/parkinsons_news.html