04 ottobre 2011

Esaurita immediatamente la ristampa in vinile del super-classico brötzmanniano Machine Gun prodotta dall'etichetta Slowboy Records a Düsseldorf, tanto da non figurare nemmeno più in catalogo (al momento, poiché probabilmente ce ne sarà una nuova tiratura): http://www.slowboy.de

Beautiful deluxe reissue on heavy vinyl with 3 colour silkscreened tip-on sleeves of this seminal Central European free jazz blow-out from 1968, only Brotzmann’s second album as leader and still one of the founding documents of European improvisation. A parallel to John Coltrane’s epochal Ascension, Machine Gun combines ferociously aggressive ensemble playing that mimic the sounds of artillery with some incredible break-out soloing from Evan Parker, Fred Van Hove, Willem Breuker and Brotzmann. In between the walls of sheet metal there are occasional big band vamps that function as transports to earlier big band traditions as the group simultaneously honour and raze jazz tradition. The line-up is phenomenal, with the horns of Parker, Breuker and Brotzmann going up against two drummers – Han Bennink and Sven Johansson – two bassists – Peter Kowald and Buschi Niebergall – and pianist Fred Van Hove. Still one of the greatest free jazz sides ever recorded and central to any collection of free jazz.