16 ottobre 2011

Kate Westbrook espone in questo periodo alcuni suoi lavori su tela e su carta a Plymouth, alla Cube3 Gallery; la mostra si intitola A Figurative Journey ed è aperta fino al prossimo 11 novembre. Le opere si possono vedere - ed eventualmente acquistare - anche in www.westbrookjazz.co.uk/gallery

Kate Westbrook’s first solo show was in 1965 at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art in California. Since then she has exhibited in the UK, Europe, and as far afield as Australia. Now living in Devon, the artist finds her subjects in the landscape of Dartmoor, and the sea near her studio. Kate is an internationally renowned singer/songwriter and continues to pursue the dual career of painter and performer. There will be opportunities to hear the artist speak about the exhibition on Wednesday 19th October and Wednesday 2nd November, at 12:30pm in the Cube3 Gallery, Portland Square.