21 novembre 2011

Dave Stewart e Barbara Gaskin in alleanza con Burning Shed annunciano per inizio dicembre la ristampa degli album The Big Idea e Spin in speciali edizioni ricche di brani inediti e libretti informativi in una veste del tutto simile ai precedenti, splendidi, Broken Records-The Singles e As Far As Dreams Can Go. E non finisce qui!

Dave & Barbara are pleased to announce the re-release of their albums The Big Idea and Spin. These are the third and fourth releases in the Stewart / Gaskin Special Edition reissue series, which started last year with Broken Records-The Singles and As Far As Dreams Can Go. Featuring contributions by Gavin Harrison (drums), Jakko Jakszyk (guitar), Jimmy Hastings (flute) and the amazing Amorphous Choir, this pair of critically acclaimed albums by the 'intelligent pop' duo are now available worldwide for the first time.
Remastered from original digital sources, each CD ships in a full colour digipak with a lavish 20-page booklet featuring new artwork, archive photos and the continuing history of Stewart / Gaskin written by the musicians. Each disc contains one previously unreleased bonus track. Copies signed by Dave & Barbara are also available.
The reissue of these two titles means that the entire Stewart / Gaskin catalogue is now available on CD. The duo's early years are documented in Broken Records-The Singles (Special Edition) and As Far As Dreams Can Go (Special Edition), which between them contain remastered, full-length versions of all Dave & Barbara's '80s singles (including the number one hit 'It's My Party') and 12" mixes, the entire contents of the US compilation Up From The Dark and 47 minutes of extra material which includes previously unreleased bonus tracks. The more recent releases Green and Blue & Hour Moon (2009) and The TLG Collection (2010) complete the Stewart / Gaskin collection to date... and there's more to come.