26 novembre 2011

Grazie a Shuffleboil si può rivedere in azione con uno dei suoi meravigliosi strumenti il compianto Hans Reichel, ospite dell'edizione 2009 del festival austriaco Phonomanie, quell'anno curata da Paul Lovens. Inconstant Sol ha nei suoi preziosi archivi una registrazione non ufficiale di trent'anni prima, Reichel in duo con Rüdiger Carl a Lovere, il 15 giugno 1979.
Un ricordo personale del musicista è nelle parole di Bruce Lee Gallanter, di Downtown Music Gallery: "Hans Reichel was a unique improvising guitarist, a pioneering instrument maker and guitar manipulator. In the early eighties when Fred Frith was living in New York I caught these two distinctive guitarists playing together in solo, duo & trio combinations on several occasions at places like P.A.S.S.. One of Hans experiments was to take two guitars, get rid of the bodies and attach two necks together with one bridge at the midpoint joining so one could tap on both necks simultaneously. The first time I heard this on record was on Fred Frith's 'Guitar Solos 2'. Another brilliant modification was to cut out the area around the bridge and the reattach it in the same place on an axle perpendicular to the neck, so that the body itself became a sort of whammy-bar.
Hans had also recorded a half dozen solo records on FMP ('Bonobo Beach' & 'Death of the Rare Bird Ymir') which were great but are now sadly out of print. I was fortunate to hear Mr. Reichel with the East-West German Quartet (with Rudiger Carl & Sven Ake Johanssen) in the mid eighties and at an FMP Festival in Chicago in the mid-nineties. This was his last appearance in the US as far as I know. 

Hans other noted invention was the daxophone: a flat strip of wood with various patterns cut into it - for tuning - that is held off the edge of a table by a vice. The inserted wood is bowed, struck and manipulated to get those unique and sometimes vocal-like sounds. Hans became a master at playing the daxophone and making several recordings, including a dax opera. Check out 'Yuxo' if you can find it. Other musicians also played daxes made by Hans include Fred Frith, Mark Stewart & Kazuhisa Uchihashi. I suggest guitar enthusiasts and lovers of unusual instruments seek ANY of Hans Reichel's recordings, each one is a gem. He will be missed."