02 dicembre 2011

Ha buttato lì qualche idea su nomi celebri, proverbi ed esclamazioni che iniziano con E, assumendo di aver inventato il Tempo: ora è il caso che ne riferisca in pubblico. The Archimedes Quartet - David Thomas, Peter Blegvad, John Edwards, Chris Cutler - debutta al Cafe Oto a Londra domani sera.

The Archimedes Quartet is a project driven by method, mystery and miasma. Five years ago David Thomas described a bath tub epiphany to Peter Blegvad at a chance meeting outside an architectural college in Oxford. "Edison, Einstein, Eisenhower and Elvis - The Four 'E's Who Invented The 20th Century." This evolved, in the way of these sorts of conversations, into a Big Idea - a lecture / symposium slamdown to be refereed by Chris Cutler. A few emails were exchanged, words beginning with "E" were accumulated but, in the way of these things, the Big Idea withered on the vine. Well, it's back and it's bigger than before and it's booked, Saturday, December 3 2011, at Cafe Oto, London.