27 dicembre 2011

Motorhead era il soprannome che gli aveva affibbiato Ray Collins: "Frank had Studio Z at Cucamonga in Ontario, and I'd go down and do a little jamming with them every once in a while. I even lived in the studio with Frank for about six months. Frank and I would get a lot of people over there to do things and he knew Ray Collins. Ray would come over and sing. He was working with Jimmy and Roy who got Frank into the band that eventually lead to the Mothers. Ray was always joking with me because I was working on cars and trucks and motorcycles. He said 'It sounds like you've got a little motor in your head', so they just called me Motorhead and that seemed to stick. I've always been called that ever since." Se n'è andato il giorno di Natale Euclid James “Motorhead” Sherwood, roadie e sassofonista membro delle Mothers of Invention nel periodo epico, da Freak Out a Weasels Ripped My Flesh almeno, e nel film 200 Motels - e ancora del giro successivamente con Grandmothers, Don Preston, Ant-Bee, Sandro Oliva.
Scrive Candy Zappa su Facebook: "This time of year always brings good things and sometimes very sad things. A very sad thing for us, we lost another member of the Zappa troup, Jim "Motorhead" Sherwood, one of Frank's longtime friend and early Mother's member, passed last night around 10pm, on Christmas. I remember when Jim and Frank would come over to our house in Montclair, CA, when I was about 11 and of course, Frank would have his coffee black, and when I asked Jim how he wanted his coffee, he said "Just pour sugar in it till it comes over the side" which today still makes me laugh to tell it. His wife Lynn, Jim's son and his wife were with Jim when he left. Say some healing prayers for Lynn and Jim's family today, they need them".
Aveva 69 anni. Lo si rivede brevemente in Freak Out in Cucamonga.