19 dicembre 2011

Tutta zucchero innocenza nostalgia e buoni propositi la puntata di ieri di Spinning On Air, su WNYC: ospite di David Garland era John Zorn per parlare dei classici natalizi della sua infanzia e delle versioni adulte raccolte in A Dreamers Christmas.

John Zorn has a reputation for creating challenging, daring music. The MacArthur “genius” award-winning composer prolifically explores atonal improvisation, orchestral pieces, rock, jazz and other genres, and he has been pursuing what he calls “radical Jewish culture.” As Zorn reveals to David Garland here, Zorn’s Jewish family celebrated Christmas throughout his childhood, and he continues to love those memories and the holiday music that evokes and celebrates them. Zorn presents selections from his new album A Dreamers Christmas, an unexpectedly sweet collection of his arrangements of Christmas classics, plus some of his favorite recordings of holiday songs performed by Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Vince Guaraldi, and others.