31 gennaio 2012

Charles Hayward dialoga con Mike Barnes per Invisible Jukebox sul numero di febbraio 2012 della rivista inglese The Wire. Tra un ascolto e l'altro non mancano commenti e ricordi riferiti ovviamente a Quiet Sun, This Heat, Camberwell Now e Massacre, a Drum Garden e About Group tra i progetti più recenti, e anche a Matching Mole, Last Exit, Tony Allen, Peter Brötzmann, Martin Carthy e David Cunningham.


30 gennaio 2012

Districandosi tra leggende, dicerie, oscuri sospetti e manifeste falsità, Ralph ERA cerca di riscrivere gli esordi dei Residents, raccogliendo una manciata di brani anteriori al 1974 (B4-74) e raccontando degli anni in San Mateo, del famigerato film mai portato a termine Vileness Fats, degli album non pubblicati Warner Bros e Baby Sex, delle apparizioni al club di San Francisco The Boarding House e del ruolo di marcatore temporale del singolo Santa Dog: www.residents.com/home/page13/page13.html

29 gennaio 2012

Tony Hymas consegna all'etichetta Nato il suo capitolo più blues, Blue Door, registrato di recente in coppia con i fratelli Chris e JT Bates. "Après A Winter’s Tale avec Jean-François Jenny-Clark et Jacques Thollot en 1992 (ressortie en janvier 2012) et Hope Street MN avec Billy Peterson et Eric Gravatt en 2001, voici Blue Door sous le nom de Hymas & the Bates brothers tout fraîchement enregistré. Les Bates brothers, ce sont les frères JT et Chris, respectivement batteur et contrebassiste hyperactifs et ultra swingants de la scène de Minneapolis, séparément membres de groupes comme Fat Kid Wednesdays ou Atlantis quartet ou accompagnateurs de Lee Konitz ou Carole King. C’est lors d’une fameuse jam session au Black Dog à l’issue du premier festival Minnesota sur Seine en 2004 que les trois hommes se sont rencontrés. Le désir était né. Blue Door est un album où, «avec le temps», Hymas réarrange dans une veine plus bluesy qu’à l’habitude qu’il n’a pas, certaines de ces mélodies dont il a le secret, parfois rencontrées sous d’autres formes lors d’albums précédents; il affirme aussi son admiration pour trois de ses héros pianistes: Red Garland, Phineas Newborn et Erroll Garner en trois portraits originaux et se laisse aller à chanter sur «The Way Back Home» de beaux accents de blues. Blue Door est un album de liens, un conte fait d’expériences, une histoire de connaissance pour mieux se sentir ensemble".


28 gennaio 2012

Il nuovo album di Mike Cooper è Radio Paradise, registrato a Beirut tra il maggio e il dicembre 2010 per l'etichetta libanese Johnny Kafta’s Kids Menu.

This is the latest release from the comically named ‘Johnny Kafta’s Kids Menu’, who fittingly gave out free shawarma at Mike Cooper’s album launch and continues with the eccentricities (the album comes packaged in a padded brown envelope). The album cover – a beautiful silkscreened illustration of a man’s hairy chest in a pink shirt of flowers and grenades – might give a hint that this isn’t going to be any ordinary release. Played in lap steel-style guitar, Mike Cooper starts with a raw Delta blues melody that distorts into a re-sampled blur as he hollers with his gravelly, soulful vocals on a cover of Arthur Crudup’s ‘If I Get Lucky’. ‘A Dream of Arrival’ is perhaps the most experimental on the album, with haunting loops and pulsing machines; rich, somber vocals and a steel guitar kick in at the end. ‘In Exile in Aghmat’ is an intense, slow-building climactic instrumental with an oriental edge that ends in a layered meltdown. Now into his sixties, Cooper’s music is at its most interesting and experimental. Using live guitar processing and sampling, his intense and heartfelt blues and folk wander into sonic experiments. The layering of sounds and compositions are incredibly original, making Mike Cooper’s sound unlike any other.


27 gennaio 2012

Un nuovo titolo, il settimo, si aggiunge alla collana a tiratura limitata Portal Series creata da Elliott Sharp per documentare propri lavori di particolare rilievo compositivo o di interesse storico: Cut with Occam's Razor contiene partiture per quartetto d'archi (The Boreal, per il Jack Quartet), doppio quartetto d'archi (Occam's Razor, il Sirius String Quartet e il Jack Quartet insieme) e solo pianoforte (Oligosono, esegue Jenny Lin).


26 gennaio 2012

Per la serie Film Music, l'etichetta Tzadik raccoglie alcuni lavori di Zeena Parkins prodotti per il cinema: Double Dupe Down.

Zeena Parkins is a keyboardist, harpist and composer who has worked closely with Fred Frith, Bjork, Ikue Mori and many others. Her brilliant work for dance has earned her three Bessie Awards, and her own bands have toured the world for over twenty years to great acclaim. This special compilation brings together her best compositions written for film and features some of the greatest musicians in the downtown scene. An endlessly creative collection of work by one of the most important and consistently fascinating figures out of New York’s downtown scene.


25 gennaio 2012

"Sometimes things come together in amazing ways. I can't say I ever expected or aimed to collaborate with the son of a Beatle, a supermodel, and a legend of British folk. But Sean Lennon, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Vashti Bunyan and I, despite our diverse backgrounds, have connected through music, because we all love to find new ways to balance the ancient elements of melody, harmony, sound, and meaning". Così annuncia il suo nuovo bellissimo album David Garland: si intitola Conversations with the Cinnamon Skeleton, ed è pubblicato e distribuito on-line tramite Bandcamp. Il video del primo brano in scaletta, The Long View, con le immagini di Takahiro Kimura, circola da qualche giorno su Vimeo. Tra i commenti della primissima ora spicca quello di Robert Wyatt: "Witty, melancholy songs, arranged and performed with such careful skill and a natural unforced originality; David Garland and his friends have done it again!"


24 gennaio 2012

Festeggia quest'anno ventun anni di attività Mopomoso, il programma di iniziative didattiche e concertistiche dedicate alla musica improvvisata coordinate a Londra dal chitarrista John Russell. Per uno degli appuntamenti mensili presso il Vortex Jazz Club lo scorso 15 gennaio con Russell c'erano Henry Lowther e Satoko Fukuda, Alison Blunt con Dave Leahy e Tony Marsh, Kay Grant in duo con Hannah Marshall e Caroline Kraabel con Veryan Weston. Alcune immagini della serata sono su Flickr.


23 gennaio 2012

Guy Harris ha filmato e pubblicato su YouTube il concerto tenuto a Londra al Cafe Oto il mese scorso dal trio della pianista israeliana Maya Dunietz con John Edwards e Steve Noble in occasione dell'uscita del loro cd Cousin It, per l'etichetta Hopscotch Records.


22 gennaio 2012

Un'intervista a Keith Tippett effettuata l'1 settembre 2008 in occasione del festival Ai confini tra Sardegna e Jazz a Sant'Anna Arresi (Ca): è disponibile in podcast negli archivi di Battiti.


21 gennaio 2012

Alla prima lettera dell'alfabeto ebraico è intitolato il nuovo album di Terry Riley, Aleph, un doppio cd in uscita a giorni per l'etichetta Tzadik. L'idea risale al 2008, quando John Zorn presentò nello spazio Yud del Contemporary Jewish Museum di San Francisco un progetto dedicato appunto alle lettere dell'alfabeto ebraico, coinvolgendo oltre a Riley anche Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Erik Friedlander, Chris Brown, Alvin Curran, Raz Mesinai e Jewlia Eisenberg tra gli altri.

Maestro Terry Riley returns to the transcendent brilliance of his improvisatory All Night Flights from the 1970s in this spectacular two-hour solo performance for just intonation keyboard. Originally created for the Aleph-Bet Sound Project that John Zorn organized for the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, the music has been sitting in Terry’s archives for years and now finally sees the light of day in all its glorious entirety. Recorded at Terry’s private studio at Moonshine Ranch at Midnight, the music captures a magically mystical vibe, timeless, meditative and entrancing. A modern classic from the godfather of minimalism who continues to surprise and challenge us with each new release.


20 gennaio 2012

Innova Recordings pubblica il nuovo album di Guy Klucevsek, The Multiple Personality Reunion Tour, quasi un compendio delle varie influenze e degli interessi che attraversano la lunga produzione del versatile fisarmonicista, con omaggi e dediche a Erik Satie, Kepa Junkera, Ivan Milev, Martin Denny e The Swingle Singers. C'è anche un brano, Ladereld, preso dal canzoniere dell'indimenticato Lars Hollmer.

If there’s one adverb-adjective combo that can describe composer/accordionist Guy Klucevsek, it’s unabashedly eclectic. Over the course of twenty-one releases, his music has combined the heart-pounding rhythms of eastern Europe with teeming contrapuntal passages, gorgeous melodies, and Klucevsek’s own “trailblazing virtuosity”. But his twenty-second release, The Multiple Personality Reunion Tour, might be his most ambitious yet. It’s a global tour, a worldwide tribute to the composers and musicians who have shaped him as a creative artist. From France to Bulgaria to Spain, he pays homage to Erik Satie and the Swingle Singers, Ivan Milev, and Basque trikitixa maestro, Kepa Junkera. On “The C&M Waltz” and “Moja Baba Je Pijana” Klucevsek harks back to the Slovenian-American polkas and waltzes of his childhood, while Martin Denny’s exotica gets a nod on “O’O”. Middle Eastern pop even creeps in in the form of “Pink Elephant”.


19 gennaio 2012

Si ritrovano fuori casa AMM - dove da tempo non si frequentano più - John Tilbury e Keith Rowe, ancora una volta in occasione del distacco dalla propria madre, Doris e Eileen Elizabeth rispettivamente: E.E. Tension and Circumstance, da un concerto del 2010 a Les Instants Chavirés, è per la francese Potlatch.


18 gennaio 2012

Un doppio cd raccoglie due lavori di Butch Morris presentati a Verona nel 1994 e 1995: The Cloth e Verona Skyscraper, delle sue conduzioni rispettivamente la numero 43 e la numero 46. Pubblica l'etichetta Nu Bop Records.


17 gennaio 2012

Carl Munson ha intervistato Mike Westbrook il mese scorso per il programma The Barefoot Breakfast Bonanza, su Phonic FM: "Here's my recent interview with UK Jazz legend Mike Westbrook, who talks about his fascinating life, his work as a musician, composer and band leader, as well as sharing some of his favourite tunes. Mike tells us about his incredible musical journey that began in 1950s London. He recalls the beginning of his professional career at the first Ronnie Scott's club, his time working with performance artists in hospitals, prisons and factory canteens across Europe, involvement with both fringe and major theatre, and touches on the the perennial challenge of balancing creative freedom with commercial success. Throughout we hear the work of Jazz greats including Duke Ellington, Roland Kirk, Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane and Joni Mitchell, plus clips of Mike's own music.
Si riascolta tutto in http://tinyurl.com/cy2h6ll

16 gennaio 2012

Amici musicisti e colleghi rendono nuovamente omaggio allo scomparso pianista François 'Faton' Cahen domani sera, 17 gennaio 2012, al New Morning parigino. Intervengono tra gli altri Didier Lockwood, Didier Malherbe, Christian e Stella Vander, Yochk'o Seffer, François Causse, Gérard Prévost e Benoît Mœrlen.


15 gennaio 2012

Alcune delle ultime registrazioni effettuate da Hugh Hopper e un paio di sue composizioni trovano posto nell'album Immeasurable Currents, che il titolare Dave Willey (Thinking Plague, Hamster Theatre, 3 Mice) ha pazientemente costruito attorno a un ciclo di poesie lasciate qualche anno fa dal padre; al progetto contribuiscono anche Mike Johnson, Dave Kerman, Deborah Perry, Elaine diFalco, Farrell Lowe, Wally Scharold e Udi Koomran. L'album è su AltrOck.

Coloradan Dave Willey says he worked on Immeasurable Currents “for a million years”; the long effort paid off nicely. These musical settings of poetry by Dave’s father, Dale Willey, were recorded at Dave’s home, with the “Friends” of the “Dave Willey & Friends” moniker contributing from near and far, including - among others - singer Deborah Perry, present on nearly all the tracks, in Colorado; singer/keyboardist Elaine diFalco in Oregon; and the late bassist Hugh Hopper in England. Udi Koomran handled mixing and mastering in Tel Aviv. Surmounting innumerable - if not immeasurable - challenges ultimately resulted in a CD that serves the elder Willey’s legacy well (he died in 2001, and doubtless would have loved hearing this). Son Dave is best known for his involvement in two groups with shared members, several of whom participate here; he co-leads the entirely instrumental Hamster Theatre, a comparatively light, melodic, and quirky bunch, and plays bass in Thinking Plague, a challenging, less overtly “tuneful” avant-prog band with vocals and Art Bears-ish lyrics. Although not without insinuating hooks, Immeasurable Currents often centers around poetry in free verse, in that sense sounding more like Thinking Plague than the Hamsters or, for that matter, Dave’s 1995 debut foray into rodent music, Songs from the Hamster Theatre. The natural world - both beautiful and foreboding - is a recurring theme, informed by clarity that digs deeper than surface aesthetics.


14 gennaio 2012

Tornano in circolazione a fine febbraio 2012 in versione rimasterizzata ed estesa a doppio cd con materiali aggiuntivi in parte inediti, brani dal vivo, versioni alternative, apparato grafico originale e nuove note di copertina. Si possono prenotare presso Burning Shed. Inconfondibili. Indispensabili, bien sûr. Matching Mole e Little Red Record.

Matching Mole - A Canterbury supergroup formed in 1971, Matching Mole featured former Soft Machine drummer Robert Wyatt, former Caravan keyboard player Dave Sinclair, guitarist Phil Miller, and Quiet Sun bassist Bill McCormick. This edition has been re-mastered from the original master tapes and is expanded to include five previously unreleased studio session alternate takes; the single versions of O Caroline and Signed Curtain, along with two BBC Radio One sessions from 1972.
Little Red Record - Produced by Robert Fripp and featuring a guest appearance from Brian Eno, Matching Mole's (Robert Wyatt's post Soft Machine band) second album saw Dave MacRae replace the outgoing Dave Sinclair. This edition has been remastered from the original master tapes and is expanded to include four previously unreleased studio session alternate takes and Matching Mole's appearance on BBC Radio One 'In Concert' from July 1972.


13 gennaio 2012

Keith Tippett è a Piacenza domani 14 gennaio per un laboratorio musicale e un concerto serale gratuito alle ore 21.00 presso il Conservatorio Nicolini, nell'antico monastero di Santa Franca; lì è previsto anche un suo concertino pomeridiano, verso le 17.30, nell'ambito delle iniziative didattiche legate all'open day della scuola: http://tinyurl.com/7rqj37b


12 gennaio 2012

Prende oggi il via a Oslo il festival di musica improvvisata All Ears, organizzato come ogni anno dai musicisti Guro Moe, Paal Nilssen-Love, Jon Rune Strøm e Lasse Marhaug. Il programma dell'undicesima edizione, con concerti fino al 15 gennaio, vede tra i protagonisti Keith Rowe, Burkhard Beins, Steve Noble, Okkyung Lee, Raymond Strid, Andy Moor, Thomas Lehn, Marcus Schmickler e il trio Evan Parker / Barry Guy / Paul Lytton.
Informazioni in www.all-ears.no/2012/2012.html

11 gennaio 2012

In ricordo di Stefano Scodanibbio, scomparso in Messico all'età di 55 anni, si legge oggi in diversi comunicati e articoli di stampa; colleghi e amici di gioventù ne scrivono anche in http://tinyurl.com/768nos4


10 gennaio 2012

La sessione dal vivo che Jad Fair, Mick Hobbs e Gilles Rieder hanno registrato lo scorso 3 dicembre per Hello GoodBye, programma di Resonance FM, è disponibile in podcast negli archivi dell'emittente londinese: http://podcasts.resonancefm.com/archives/8071.
Alcune immagini sono su Flickr.

Performing live in session on this week’s Hello GoodBye we had the lo-fi, living legend Jad Fair. Jad was joined by regular collaborators Mick Hobbs on guitar and Gilles Rieder on percussion. Jad Fair embarked upon a musical career when he formed the group Half Japanese with his brother David back in the late 1970's. Jad has since gone on to carve out an incredibly impressive and mind-bogglingly productive career, with over 50 albums to his name (including a multitude of collaborative projects with the likes of Mo Tucker, Daniel Johnston, Yo La Tengo, Teenage Fanclub and many many more.) Jad’s childlike enthusiasm and creativity remain entirely undiminished and he is nowadays almost as well known for his striking and poetic ‘paper-cuts’ artwork as he is for his music.
A collection 109 songs from Jad's gargantuan back-catalogue are currently available on the triple CD Beautiful Songs through Fire Records.


09 gennaio 2012

Il londinese Cafe Oto saluta il 2012 con un doppio concerto di riapertura: il debutto del duo di John Butcher e Hannah Marshall e il trio di Tim HodgkinsonDenman MaroneyDominic Lash, qui alla loro seconda uscita pubblica.


08 gennaio 2012

Al quarto capitolo Sacred Geometry - atmosfere musicali suggerite da Mikey Cosmic a favorire stati di sogno diurno, espansione mentale e rilassamento - partecipano a vario titolo Daevid Allen, Steve Hillage, Jean-Philippe Rykiel e Gilli Smyth: www.planetgong.co.uk/bazaar/cd/sacredgeometry4.shtml

07 gennaio 2012

Al sassofonista britannico Mike Osborne è dedicato l'album di Evan Parker e Zlatko Kaučič Round About One O'Clock, pubblicato dall'etichetta polacca Not Two e tratto da un concerto del 2009 tenuto al cinquantesimo Jazz Festival di Ljubljana.
Scrive il percussionista: "Bogdan Benigar is the musical director of the Ljubljana Jazz Festival. He gave me the opportunity to perform with the great musician Evan Parker on the occasion of the 50th Jubilee Festival. I met Evan the day before the concert and there was an instant connection between us. I told him a story about being in Spain and playing with the amazing Mike Osborne in Valencia and Madrid. It was in 1978 in a small club called Tres tristes tigres in Valencia. It was an absolutely thrilling experience, despite the fact Ozzie was very ill at this time (acute schizophrenia). I remember a concert in Madrid with a sold-out theatre (over 1000 people) where we didn’t have any PA system, and the sound of Mike’s alto was so strong, so powerful, hit so directly into the heart of people that the public was just stunned. After that, I didn’t have any news of him. I was told that he went into a mental hospital to cure himself. He stopped playing after 1982 and went back to Hereford, his home. He passed away on September 19, 2007. So Evan and I decided to dedicate this record Round About One O’Clock to the memory of Mike Osborne - Ozzie".


06 gennaio 2012

Tra i doni più graditi della Befana arriva la promessa della pubblicazione integrale del concerto, inedito, di Elton Dean con il suo gruppo Ninesense tenuto al 100 Club di Londra il 5 marzo 1979. Provvederà la Reel Recordings, pescando dagli archivi audio e fotografici di Riccardo Bergerone. Il doppio cd sarà pronto il 5 marzo 2012: l'annuncio è in http://tinyurl.com/7ct653q

For the many friends and fans of the late saxophonist and composer Elton Dean, this poignant double compact disc release is the debut presentation of a complete concert performance from Elton’s ensemble of Brit-Jazz firebrands known as Ninesense. Elton Dean was a consummate musician, widely recognized for his indelible sound and serpentine solos on alto sax and saxello. From his roots in the R&B styling of Long John Baldry’s Bluesology, through The Keith Tippett Group, Soft Machine, and Just Us, Elton founded Ninesense from London’s finest jazz upstarts: Alan Skidmore, tenor & soprano saxophones; Mark Charig, cornet & tenor horn; Harry Beckett, flugelhorn & trumpet; Nick Evans & Radu Malfatti, trombone; Keith Tippett, piano; Harry Miller, bass; Louis Moholo, drums. Joining Ninesense during their second set is American trumpeter Jim Dvorak.


05 gennaio 2012

Cinque nuovi titoli salutano il nuovo anno Cuneiform: Ergo, If Not Inertia; Forgas Band Phenomena, Acte V; Michael Gibbs con la NDR Big Band (e Gary Burton), Back in the Days; Joel Harrison e Lorenzo Feliciati con Cuong Vu, Roy Powell e Dan Weiss, Holy Abyss; Decline and Fall, sesto atteso titolo per Thinking Plague.


04 gennaio 2012

Daniel Burke recupera alcune cartoline ricevute da Robert Wyatt nei primi anni settanta e le pubblica in What's Rattlin'? a beneficio degli iscritti al gruppo di discussione moderato da Aymeric Leroy. Ne sa qualcosa anche Michael King, l'autore di Wrong Movements (in Italia Falsi movimenti, Arcana 1994, tradotto da Alessandro Achilli): "Ah, the stories behind Robert's postcards & tea box cuttings are legion... Methinks fodder for a book one day...".


03 gennaio 2012

Christian Vander si esibisce con il suo quartetto per tre sere, dal 5 al 7 gennaio 2012, al Sunset Sunside Jazz Club a Parigi per presentare il nuovo album John Coltrane l'homme suprême (Seventh Records): Jean-Michel Couchet, sax contralto; Laurent Fickelson, piano; Emmanuel Grimonprez, basso; Christian Vander, batteria.
Nel frattempo in Kohntarkosz spuntano antiche foto inedite, o quasi, dei Magma degli esordi, all'Olympia e Golf Drouot parigini nel 1970.


02 gennaio 2012

Timothy Hannem, creatore del sito A Cup of Tim, cui spesso consegna cronache magmiane colorate e vivacissime, ha pronto un delizioso calendario per il 2012: http://www.acupoftim.com/article-the-calendrier-est-la-57006088.html


01 gennaio 2012

E per dessert? Zuppa inglese, naturalmente!

English Soup, or the Battle of the Classic Trifle’ with music by Mike Westbrook and lyrics by Kate Westbrook, was commissioned by Bollwater Project and premiered by the Village Band in 2007 in the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival, Plymouth. The DVD combines a state-of-the-art soundtrack, recorded by Jon Hiseman, with images of the two protagonists acting out the drama, location filming of the band and mouth watering glimpses of Trifle - all presided over by a hipster compere. In the battle between two passionate Trifle makers, both agree the Trifle is an endangered species. They agree too, that there are layers in a Trifle, but one protagonist is a high minded individual using only organic ingredients, and the other champions common-or-garden materials. The music runs the gamut from Trad to cutting edge. In the glorious be-bop Finale, the two lay down their arms and agree that when it comes to Trifle all that matters is to improvise.