15 gennaio 2012

Alcune delle ultime registrazioni effettuate da Hugh Hopper e un paio di sue composizioni trovano posto nell'album Immeasurable Currents, che il titolare Dave Willey (Thinking Plague, Hamster Theatre, 3 Mice) ha pazientemente costruito attorno a un ciclo di poesie lasciate qualche anno fa dal padre; al progetto contribuiscono anche Mike Johnson, Dave Kerman, Deborah Perry, Elaine diFalco, Farrell Lowe, Wally Scharold e Udi Koomran. L'album è su AltrOck.

Coloradan Dave Willey says he worked on Immeasurable Currents “for a million years”; the long effort paid off nicely. These musical settings of poetry by Dave’s father, Dale Willey, were recorded at Dave’s home, with the “Friends” of the “Dave Willey & Friends” moniker contributing from near and far, including - among others - singer Deborah Perry, present on nearly all the tracks, in Colorado; singer/keyboardist Elaine diFalco in Oregon; and the late bassist Hugh Hopper in England. Udi Koomran handled mixing and mastering in Tel Aviv. Surmounting innumerable - if not immeasurable - challenges ultimately resulted in a CD that serves the elder Willey’s legacy well (he died in 2001, and doubtless would have loved hearing this). Son Dave is best known for his involvement in two groups with shared members, several of whom participate here; he co-leads the entirely instrumental Hamster Theatre, a comparatively light, melodic, and quirky bunch, and plays bass in Thinking Plague, a challenging, less overtly “tuneful” avant-prog band with vocals and Art Bears-ish lyrics. Although not without insinuating hooks, Immeasurable Currents often centers around poetry in free verse, in that sense sounding more like Thinking Plague than the Hamsters or, for that matter, Dave’s 1995 debut foray into rodent music, Songs from the Hamster Theatre. The natural world - both beautiful and foreboding - is a recurring theme, informed by clarity that digs deeper than surface aesthetics.