21 gennaio 2012

Alla prima lettera dell'alfabeto ebraico è intitolato il nuovo album di Terry Riley, Aleph, un doppio cd in uscita a giorni per l'etichetta Tzadik. L'idea risale al 2008, quando John Zorn presentò nello spazio Yud del Contemporary Jewish Museum di San Francisco un progetto dedicato appunto alle lettere dell'alfabeto ebraico, coinvolgendo oltre a Riley anche Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Erik Friedlander, Chris Brown, Alvin Curran, Raz Mesinai e Jewlia Eisenberg tra gli altri.

Maestro Terry Riley returns to the transcendent brilliance of his improvisatory All Night Flights from the 1970s in this spectacular two-hour solo performance for just intonation keyboard. Originally created for the Aleph-Bet Sound Project that John Zorn organized for the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, the music has been sitting in Terry’s archives for years and now finally sees the light of day in all its glorious entirety. Recorded at Terry’s private studio at Moonshine Ranch at Midnight, the music captures a magically mystical vibe, timeless, meditative and entrancing. A modern classic from the godfather of minimalism who continues to surprise and challenge us with each new release.