01 gennaio 2012

E per dessert? Zuppa inglese, naturalmente!

English Soup, or the Battle of the Classic Trifle’ with music by Mike Westbrook and lyrics by Kate Westbrook, was commissioned by Bollwater Project and premiered by the Village Band in 2007 in the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival, Plymouth. The DVD combines a state-of-the-art soundtrack, recorded by Jon Hiseman, with images of the two protagonists acting out the drama, location filming of the band and mouth watering glimpses of Trifle - all presided over by a hipster compere. In the battle between two passionate Trifle makers, both agree the Trifle is an endangered species. They agree too, that there are layers in a Trifle, but one protagonist is a high minded individual using only organic ingredients, and the other champions common-or-garden materials. The music runs the gamut from Trad to cutting edge. In the glorious be-bop Finale, the two lay down their arms and agree that when it comes to Trifle all that matters is to improvise.