28 gennaio 2012

Il nuovo album di Mike Cooper è Radio Paradise, registrato a Beirut tra il maggio e il dicembre 2010 per l'etichetta libanese Johnny Kafta’s Kids Menu.

This is the latest release from the comically named ‘Johnny Kafta’s Kids Menu’, who fittingly gave out free shawarma at Mike Cooper’s album launch and continues with the eccentricities (the album comes packaged in a padded brown envelope). The album cover – a beautiful silkscreened illustration of a man’s hairy chest in a pink shirt of flowers and grenades – might give a hint that this isn’t going to be any ordinary release. Played in lap steel-style guitar, Mike Cooper starts with a raw Delta blues melody that distorts into a re-sampled blur as he hollers with his gravelly, soulful vocals on a cover of Arthur Crudup’s ‘If I Get Lucky’. ‘A Dream of Arrival’ is perhaps the most experimental on the album, with haunting loops and pulsing machines; rich, somber vocals and a steel guitar kick in at the end. ‘In Exile in Aghmat’ is an intense, slow-building climactic instrumental with an oriental edge that ends in a layered meltdown. Now into his sixties, Cooper’s music is at its most interesting and experimental. Using live guitar processing and sampling, his intense and heartfelt blues and folk wander into sonic experiments. The layering of sounds and compositions are incredibly original, making Mike Cooper’s sound unlike any other.