20 gennaio 2012

Innova Recordings pubblica il nuovo album di Guy Klucevsek, The Multiple Personality Reunion Tour, quasi un compendio delle varie influenze e degli interessi che attraversano la lunga produzione del versatile fisarmonicista, con omaggi e dediche a Erik Satie, Kepa Junkera, Ivan Milev, Martin Denny e The Swingle Singers. C'è anche un brano, Ladereld, preso dal canzoniere dell'indimenticato Lars Hollmer.

If there’s one adverb-adjective combo that can describe composer/accordionist Guy Klucevsek, it’s unabashedly eclectic. Over the course of twenty-one releases, his music has combined the heart-pounding rhythms of eastern Europe with teeming contrapuntal passages, gorgeous melodies, and Klucevsek’s own “trailblazing virtuosity”. But his twenty-second release, The Multiple Personality Reunion Tour, might be his most ambitious yet. It’s a global tour, a worldwide tribute to the composers and musicians who have shaped him as a creative artist. From France to Bulgaria to Spain, he pays homage to Erik Satie and the Swingle Singers, Ivan Milev, and Basque trikitixa maestro, Kepa Junkera. On “The C&M Waltz” and “Moja Baba Je Pijana” Klucevsek harks back to the Slovenian-American polkas and waltzes of his childhood, while Martin Denny’s exotica gets a nod on “O’O”. Middle Eastern pop even creeps in in the form of “Pink Elephant”.