25 gennaio 2012

"Sometimes things come together in amazing ways. I can't say I ever expected or aimed to collaborate with the son of a Beatle, a supermodel, and a legend of British folk. But Sean Lennon, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Vashti Bunyan and I, despite our diverse backgrounds, have connected through music, because we all love to find new ways to balance the ancient elements of melody, harmony, sound, and meaning". Così annuncia il suo nuovo bellissimo album David Garland: si intitola Conversations with the Cinnamon Skeleton, ed è pubblicato e distribuito on-line tramite Bandcamp. Il video del primo brano in scaletta, The Long View, con le immagini di Takahiro Kimura, circola da qualche giorno su Vimeo. Tra i commenti della primissima ora spicca quello di Robert Wyatt: "Witty, melancholy songs, arranged and performed with such careful skill and a natural unforced originality; David Garland and his friends have done it again!"